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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

The vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are being welcomed by many worldwide. Now, people do not want only eco-friendly products but make everything they can eco-friendly. And what better to start from home and kitchen. The kitchen is the source of our dishes and it is the first place where we started our eco-friendly journey. And if the kitchen is completely cleaned and well-designed then it’s just like icing on the cake. We can use eco-friendly products, but turning our kitchen eco-friendly is overwhelming. Only eating green doesn’t make a kitchen eco-friendly. You need food to be prepared with an energy-efficient process, appliances made from sustainable materials, and recycling, are a few signs of an eco-friendly kitchen.

There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen sustainable without compromising the style. When it comes to the kitchen, size and brand of equipment don’t matter, what matters are devotion, common sense, passion, and determination. Toxic chemicals are strictly a big No when creating this kind of kitchen. This is why the tech squad team uses environment-friendly chemicals for its kitchen cleaning services in Chennai. Creating an eco-friendly kitchen is very easy, once you have put your mind to it. So, here are a few ways, you can make your kitchen eco-friendly:

The Design

The materials used for floors, cabinets, surfaces, etc. play a vital role in the design of the kitchen. To make an eco-friendly kitchen we suggest using birch plywood, which is made of thin sheets of timber, glued together, using non-chemical adhesives. Other eco-friendly materials include bamboo, an engineering board made of sustainable timber.

Resin is an excellent choice for wall and floor coverings. It is heat and water-proof and contains no BPA, VOC, or any heavy metal. While painting the kitchen, use water-based safe paints with low VOC. It will reduce the toxic allergens and air contaminants that damage the ozone layer and groundwater. For cleaning, you can book techsquadteam for eco-friendly and best kitchen cleaning services in Chennai.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Technology is advancing every second and in this time, many energy-efficient kitchen appliances are available that consume very little energy. These appliances have better door sealing, improved thermal insulation, LED light fixtures, and electronic and mechanical controls that help in regulating power consumption.

 Check for the energy start label while purchasing any kitchen appliance including refrigerators, stoves, freezers, ovens, etc. Even while choosing as small as electric kettles or coffee makers, look for a simple design that will perform better and use as little energy as possible.

Save Water

Aerators are such device that provides water with the same velocity but a lesser amount. By installing aerators in your kitchen, you can save up to 2500 liters of water every year and almost 400 rupees on your monthly electric bill. Also, recirculation pumps keep water at the tap when it gets hot.

Instead of buying bottled water, you can set up a water filtration system, which will not only save you money but keeps your family healthy. You can book techsquadteam for minimum water consumption cleaning services in Chennai.

Reduce Waste

The kitchen creates more waste than any other room in our homes, especially due to the excess packaging of items. You need to avoid as many waste products as you can. Waste products like plastics are not only bad for the environment but also attract pests and germs.

One of the best ways to do it is to buy in bulk so that there are fewer carry bags and packaging. You can also bring your own recycled bags, containers, and jars, while grocery shopping. Buy fresh produce instead of packaged veggies and fruits. You can compost the organic waste or find organizations that accept compost materials.

Purchase Locally

Exotic produce and ingredients might taste better, but their transportation is very harmful to the environment. Shipping or flying these ingredients near you will only increase the pollution. Also, these foods have no preservatives, which means they will spoil very quickly. It might already be spoiled the very next day you bring it into your home.

The food and produce you bring into your kitchen are as important as the appliances. So, buy as locally as you can, as lesser the distance between the farm and your table, the better. Whenever possible, support your local agricultural vendors and buy from your nearby farmer’s market.

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