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How to clean laminate flooring and remove stains

Laminate flooring is the easiest surface to clean because it has a powerful aluminum oxide top coating that resists stains and hard chemicals. However, its routine maintenance is very much necessary. Its cleaning and stain removal follows a few tricks. These attractive laminate floorings require regular cleaning to keep their best appearance. Knowing these professional tips and tricks can remove stains and clean laminate flooring, and maintaining your house surfaces will be a breeze!

Be it a home or workplace, making cleaning in the festive season of colors will always help you stay healthy and disease-free. The more clean your walls or floors will be, the better you are away from getting infected. But, sometimes people wonder how do they clean the laminate floors without damaging the laminate surface or streaking thin lines? Using harsh cleaning products can damage its look and can spoil the glazing appearance of your house or office. Keeping that in mind, we have outlined some of the common stains and the ways to remove them from your laminate floors.

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Regular Laminate Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining the cleanliness of your laminate floors regularly is essential to reduce build-up stains and debris to damage the floors.

On a weekly basis, our recommendations are to:

First Level of Cleaning

Sweep the floor to pick up loose debris: Simply sweeping laminate floors using a broom, microfiber mop or a dry vacuum can pick up loose debris on your floors. Sand, rocks, and other loose debris could cause streak marks. If you are using an electric vacuum cleaner, be sure to avoid the beater bar on the laminate floors.

Clean the spills: Spills are unavoidable so cleaning them on an immediate basis using a sponge or cloth is the best way to avoid any grease marks or stains. Never leave any liquid for a longer period since these stains can damage the protective flooring layer of the laminate floors. After wiping it using a cloth, make sure the floor is dry.

Hot water clean: The hot water dirty clean should be done when the floor is extremely dirty or muddy. Fill up a bucket with hot water and soak a mop in it, and scrunch it out to remove extra water, then mop the laminate. Cover the whole floor beginning from the center and moving outwards. Once you have completed, allow the laminate floor to dry naturally or use a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

Second Level of Cleaning

1. Use Soap:

If the floors are very muddy, then clean them with something stronger than water to get the floors sparkling. The soap method involves a gallon of hot water and baby shampoo or mild dishwashing detergent. Fill up a bucket with warm water and then add a baby shampoo or any mild preferable soap to the water. Avoid dyed or scented soap as it can damage the floor or create streaks.

Mix the water and shampoo combination using your hands until it gets dissolved. DO not use any strong bleach or chemical or any abrasive cleaners. Soak the mop in the mixture and squeeze the extra water, leaving it slightly damp. This method is the best solution to remove salt from snow boots or mud. Start from one side of the room and then move outwards to make sure the whole floor has been mopped.

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 2Use a Steam Mop:

It is one of the best methods for deep cleaning the laminate floors. Though it is more expensive than a regular mop, they are well worth the investment. The steam mop is the most hygienic way for a sparkling and bacteria-free surface. Always look for more information on how to choose the right steam mop on laminate floors before you buy it.

If you are still confused about how to clean the laminate floors, seek professional supervision. In Bangalore, there is a large number of professional cleaning services accessible that can provide excellent cleaning services in Bangalore at an affordable price. They follow expert tips which are a comfortable method for sparkling clean laminate floor. As long as you use harsh chemicals, or rough cloths and mops, you will never be satisfied with the cleaning, and the tiles will never be properly clean and stay sparkling for a longer time.

If you seek a professional for a perfect laminate cleaning, then contact TechSquadTeam right away.

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