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How Termites form Colonies in your Property and What to Do About it?

Termites infiltrating your home can become the most problematic thing for you and for that you need to go through some common facts about their control treatment. When termites start settling in a place they do not come alone. They leave their nests in pairs and start a colony together. The entire process is both interesting and kind of a head’s up for the oncoming infestation. You need to know exactly what happens for a termite infestation to come into your home and damage all your property so that you can stop it before they cause extensive damage to your property. Also calling the professional termite pest control services in Bangalore in time do wonders for your wooden assets.

But how do the termites start with the colonies in the first place? You need to understand how termites function first. A termite colony has a division of caste and each category of termite is responsible for a certain amount of work that provides support to the entire colony. A termite colony is divided into reproductive termites that divide into the swarmers and then the new kings and queens of the next colony, worker termites, and the soldiers.

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During the spring season, the male and female swarmers exit their nest and fly on a mating flight with thousands of winged termites. The swarmers are feeble fliers that do not allow them to go far from their old nest. You might have seen them swarming inside your home during this time in the evening or dusk time and probably seen lizards and frogs having a feast. Not only lizards and frogs but also birds and spiders feed on these winged termites. They normally land on the roof of the buildings near to their nest and move inside. So, if you have found such swarming just give a call instantly to pest and termite control services in Bangalore so that it does not become too late.

Even after being hunted, few of the male and female swarmers survive and pair up during the flight. After the pairing, the male and female termites that have coupled start looking for nesting or breeding grounds near moist soil. Also, their wings start to shed after landing and for the rest of their lives, they remain flightless. It becomes very difficult to even for the professional termite extermination services in Bangalore to find them after they have burrowed themselves into the grounds.

The winged termites now become the king and the queen and they seal their breeding chambers with soil, saliva, and their waste so that it becomes difficult for any living being to find them. From here on after the worker termites are responsible for bringing food for the new king and queen. The queen starts to establish the colony by laying more than thousands of eggs each year. Every mature termite colony might be containing up to 10 lakh termites in them.

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These termites start to attack any wooden structure or furniture that they can get to in your home which would be near to the colony. You might not even have any idea regarding the damages because the termites build just a tiny hole in the wood to get inside and eat away from the inside out. So, the best thing to do when you face any termite mounds near your home or see even a single termite inside your house is just given a call to the best pest control services in Bangalore on 07795001555 or visit and book the services instantly.  


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