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How Chennai-Based Hotel Chain turned into a Profitable Business when they are about to Shut

Long Towers, Hundreds On Rooms, Impressive Decors, and Cars In the Parking. People think that Hotels are making lots of Business, getting lots of bookings, and successfully running it very easily but these are the myth that society created for the Hotels and Restaurants Industry.

But the reality is so far intense from all the myths and projections. There are lots of expenses, resources, operations, associations and investments involves in a Hotel. No matter how broad or small the group is. There is the same level of involvement. Deep Cleaning of Premises, maintenance, protection, and series of creative planning involved.

Unscripted Story of a Hotel Chain and Its Struggles

For privacy purposes, we can not reveal the name of the Hotel Chain based in Chennai In the state of Tamil Nadu. A few years back they started their first Hotel with massive dedication and investment, the founder has expertise in Hotel Services and did their education in the United States.

Initially, Hotel was going very well. Good resources on board, Premium Quality of Services, Different Types of Cuisines, Servicing in multiple categories, and collaboration with multiple vendors. Completely introduced the new concept of Hospitality in the state. People experience the best version of services and foods.

Investments and Expansions Of the Chain In the State

Initially, within a few months, they raised a series of funding from investors for the expansion of their Chain in Chennai and its outskirts. The investment came after Multiple Media Releases and lots of conversation in the social gathering regarding the service efficiency within very few initial months.

The Investment is for the opening of four more same level of Hotel. The amount of investment is also large, and the operations involve in that are also intense. Till they work with the single venture, but now going wide, a new challenger task came in front of the team. Even though the founder worked earlier as an employee for a chain for years, the operation as a founder is very wide and challenging.

Challenges, Struggles, and Conflict in Operations

Series of Operations lapses started arriving, as the operation get wide. Because it is not possible that the founder will be available and involved in every task. Housekeeping of Rooms, General Pest Controls, Maintaining the Utensils, Quality of Food, Deep Kitchen Clean and overall servicing.

Wide operations are not only reason but also as time goes by, sustainability was also the concern of the Owners. Because in the market you can not exist in the communication for so long, as change it the part. With Every new day, a new type of innovative idea launches in the market. So sustainable operation with the minimum expenses by maintaining quality is very essential.

New Beginning and Following Sustainable Path

The time when their Chain of hotels are going through huge losses and came to the point where they may shut and sell the premises. The founder consulted with a few of his friends from University, who is now running a chain of Hotel Internationally.

They helped him in analyzing the loopholes, and after several communication and documentation, concluded that there are lots of direct resources deployed which can be regulated by outsourcing and the quality of the Infrastructure is degrading due to mismanagement (such as Termites In Furniture, Pests in and around the Premises). Suggested he outsource these services and collaborate with vendors.

Financial and Servicing Impact with Collaboration

Here TechSquadTeam came in the frame. Hotel Group on-boards the organization. Our diverse area of services, Helped the chain in managing their quality and expenses economically as well as effectively. TechSquadTeam created a customized budget plan as per his requirements. Which cost multiple times less than the expenditure spends on the staff also the services are mechanized with the use of different chemicals and skilled technicians. Services like Deep Cleaning Service, Kitchen Cleaning, and General Pest Control in Chennai are involved in that.


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