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How an Odia Cuisine - “Kathal ki Dastan” leaves the Judges of MaterChefIndia with Teared-Eyes?

It is believed by most people that feeding yourself and others a variety of food from the beginning is an effective way of developing taste buds. Today, nobody is no longer restricted to homemade and healthy food. Right! And when it comes to Odisha’s regional cuisine, mommies pick the best of there, along with several authentic ideas, and present everyone’s-friendly recipes.

However, cooking with your mom is the best source of guidance if you are new to the kitchen, unsure where to start, or don't have time to do the research yourself. Because a mom is the kitchen’s best friend for long years, and she exactly knows how and where to start from. But along with that she never leaves behind the cleanliness of the kitchen too which is the prime rule of cooking - A clean and mess-free kitchen. But sometimes time does not permit you to do so, at that moment you can take an expert’s advice. Hiring kitchen cleaning services for your lovely kitchen will be the best idea for continuing your healthy food preparation. 

An Unknown Face Becomes the Star-Face:

starplus masterchef smrutisree singh with kathal ki dastan

On 7th December,2019 - MasterChef India, Season 6 started. Many people participated from all over India but among all of them a 26 years Odia girl named Smrutisree Singh, earned fame for his state, Odisha by leaving the Judges of the show with teary eyes with all her cooking talents.

Having made good use of the second chance given to her by MasterChef India Season-6, she has succeeded in tickling taste buds with her creative recipes. Odisha's traditional dishes were put on MasterChef's “Grand Dish” Wall of Frame after she prepared it.

Last Minute Mesmerizing Preparation - Leaves the Judges Stunned:

During the presentation of “Kathal ki Dastan”, the 26-year-old said she had passed the dish off as mutton to coax her mother into eating it when she was a child. Today, the dish is a new take on the dish her mother used to cook. While discussing the taste, the chef almost choked on his words of appreciation for the presentation. During this edition of MasterChef, he said, "This is the best dish I have ever seen.

In the meantime, Vikas Khanna and Vineet Bhatia joined Ranveer in eating the dish. It was the best compliment she had ever heard when her dish touched the heart of a strict judge like Ranveer and brought tears to his eyes.

Never Ending Appreciation - The Girl Earned:

Food lovers and culinary enthusiasts are drawn to the mouth-watering recipes of Odisha food, which is known for its traditional recipes. Everything on the menu is sumptuous, super tasty, and guaranteed to make everyone drool; from wholesome vegetarian dishes to mouth-watering desserts.

In addition, she had previously been rewarded for her preparations of Odisha's traditional dish, Nadia Kadali Kakara. She wants India to get through the real Odia cuisines and know the real color of Odisha through its authentic food.

The Overwhelming Moment:

Food is something that really gives happiness. And when it’s your mom’s recipe, then it will rock your party without any doubt. Such kind of scenario, Smrutisree faced, when she represented her mom’s kathal recipe in Masterchef India. The recipe itself speaks the true value and essence of Odia cuisine, representing the authenticity of Odisha, it’s culture through the food. Making the judges with tears behind creates nothing but magic.

So always keep in mind that, whenever you go your mom is going to be the best backbone support and blessing for your appraisal in every step of your life. Never ever bypass the love, affection, and support of your mother in any case. You never know what kind of situation is going to seek your mother’s support. Moreover, always believe in your strength to shine like never before. So just rise and shine, and make your place showcase your true talents.


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