Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Everything You Need To Know About Pest Control Services!

Unlike any, no one had the clue that a pest would turn out to be an infectious ingredient for the human race. Keeping in mind the good health and hygiene of society, pest control services have come up with different strategies for different pests all the time. 

 However, to protect your home from any pest invasions, it’s very essential to be aware of the preventive measures. 

  1. What exactly do pest control services do?

ANS:  Pest control services play a prime role in dealing with various pests such as flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, beetles, and rodents. As you know, doing it all alone is not feasible the pest control services do various things to look upon, such as:

  • Identify the infestation
  • Set up a master plan for its complete eradication from your house.
  • Keeps your house pest-free
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy livelihood.
  1. How many types of pest control services are there?

ANS:  Before you choose the pest control services that would definitely help you in every aspect, inspect your entire place for the right one. Once you get to know the actual problem, you can get the right solution for it. However, some common types of pest control services are:

  • Biological pest control
  • Hunting 
  • Pesticides
  • Physical pest control
  • Fumigation
  • Fogging & Heat Treatment 
  • Trap Cropping
  1. How to choose the right pest control services company?

ANS:  Pest control is the only method that you might think of doing on your own, but if it proved to be ineffective then hiring a pest control service company is the left out only option. However, before hiring the right company, you need to check out certain things such as:

  •  Query the company’s permits
  • Check the company reviews
  • Verify the company’s customer relations
  • Get the details about the company’s safety measures during the COVID-19 situation.
  1.   Do pest control services really work?

AND:  Yes, pest control services do works. Because once the type of pest is identified, then with unified pest control techniques and verified products applied the pest control is undoubtedly successful. However, every single penny spend on pest control services is fruitful with the fact of preventive pest control by a reputed company. 

  1. How often should pest control be done?

ANS:  Pest control completely depends on the frequency of the increasing number of pests. Sometimes it is required every two to three months which depends upon the customer and sometimes the frequency of the hard-hearted pests as there is a difference in their residual effect and different acceptability by them. So it is always preferred that once you get the rate of problem inspected by a professional, simply leave it to them, when it comes to a deciding factor in terms of pest control.  

  1. What are the pest control goals?

ANS:  While going for pest control, certain goals should be kept in mind:

  • Complete preventive measures before it becomes a problem
  • Use of eco-friendly methods that helps in maintaining a safe environment.
  • Avoid its multiplication, dispersal, and feeding.
  1. Is it safe to be in the house after pest control?

ANS:  Well, it completely depends upon the homeowner but somehow it is better to stay outside. Because if you an allergic to fumes and chemicals, then it is completely suggestible to stay out of the home to avoid any side effects. However, once the fumes are cleared out within a few hours, you can be at your place safely. 

  1. Do cockroaches come out more after spraying? 

ANS:  Not Really! Because cockroaches are more active after spay. Sometimes you have to wait for too long for them to come out and some other times they are just left inside being active as they easily adapt to the spray treatment and start crawling in more numbers around your place. But at the same time, professional knows the right method that will work best for the cockroaches that will be easier to exterminate them.

  1. How long does pest control last?

ANS:  Taking the persistence into consideration, estimate the half-lives of the pesticides that are lumped into various groups, but a few of them are listed below:

  • Low persistence:  Lasts less than 16 days
  • Moderate persistence:  Lasts between 16-59 days 
  • High Persistence: Mostly over 60 days
  1. Is it normal to see more termites after pest control? 

ANS:  Yes, it is completely normal to see more termites once you have a pest control treatment. Because after the treatment, you might basically notice winged termites which are known as swarmer which are quite normal due to their biological occurrence. And you won’t believe it, they usually move for three-four weeks even after the pest control is carried on. 

  1. How do I control cockroaches in my kitchen?

ANS:  Everybody knows that the kitchen is commonplace for cockroaches. Isn’t it? Because the kitchen has everything that a cockroach needs to survive. As they are the most infectious pests, you really need to be careful in terms of food consumption which could really affect your health. However, to get rid of these cockroaches, below are a few tips suggested for home eradication of them: 

  • The sprinkling of Baking soda and sugar
  • Use of Boric acid
  • Essential Oils
  • Use of Citrus
  1. Is it worth for paying pest control? 

ANS:   Undoubtedly, YES! Because using natural methods for maintaining proper hygiene is always in the hand of professionals it is completely worth paying. However, the preventive measures can surely help you save from costly damages to your home. It might be time-consuming and costly to eradicate case of termites and bedbugs but surely can save a whole lot of hasty. 

  1. What is the difference between pest control and exterminator?

ANS:  The basic difference between pest control and the exterminator is having different methods. But the goal is the same. Below are points that can definitely help you in finding the difference:

Pest control 

  • Uses eco-friendly materials to get rid of pests
  • Can assure 100% work guarantee


  • Solely rely on pesticides to get rid of pests
  • Rarely can assure about the work quality
  1. Should I clean the house after pest control?

ANS:  No need to clean the house immediately. Because instant cleaning after pest control might wipe away the effectiveness of the treatment. Basically, the cleaning procedure completely depends upon your needs but you can make it happen at least a minimum difference of a week or more.

  1. Do bedbugs come out after spraying?

ANS:  Somehow Yes, bedbugs come out after spraying. Because it takes a certain period of time for the bedbugs to adapt to the spray. The impact of the effectiveness of the spray against bedbugs has been around us for thousands of years. 

  1. How do I get rid of bedbugs permanently?

ANS:  From the beginning, bedbugs are a part of human society. So dealing with the bedbug infestation is completely stressful. However, you can get rid of bedbugs permanently by following simple easy steps:

  • Identify the signs of infestations
  • Thorough washing of all the fabrics
  • Deep cleaning of the mattress
  • Filling the wall cracks
  • Clean up your entire house
  • Finding a pest control service nearby
  • Prepare your home for inspection
  1. What is the main cause of bedbugs?

ANS:  You cannot reside on any single cause of bedbugs; however, there are various causes of bedbugs. A few of them are listed below:

  • Generally comes from other infested areas
  • Found in luggage, purses, backpacks, and more closed items.
  • Travel in between apartments, hotels, etc.
  1. How do I get rid of bedbugs on my mattress?

ANS:  There are various ways to get rid of bedbugs on my mattresses such as:

  • Frequent vacuuming of mattress
  • Use a stiff brush to rub the mattress 
  1. What do professionals use to get rid of mosquitoes?

ANS:  There are various insecticides available to kill the mosquitoes. But the professional knows the right one that best suits to eradicate them completely. Most of the companies use pyrethrins - the most commonly used insecticides, from chrysanthemum flowers which is the best toxic chemical for mosquitoes.

  1. Does pest control get rid of rodents?

ANS:   Yes, pest control professionals can easily help to get rid of rodents. With the correct techniques, verified equipment, and a handful of guidance, the professionals can do it in a better way. However, eliminating them from their roots is not all the task of a homemaker or a business owner. 

  1. How do you get rats out of your house?

ANS:  Getting rid of rats outside of your house is even more difficult than inside the house. So, for which you need to take some basic preventives such as:

  • Clean your garden area
  • Usage of Dry ice
  • Set up traps
  • Use poison and braits outside the house
  • Get suggestions from a professional pest control company.
  1. How do I get rid of Ants permanently?

 ANS:  Taking the help of a professional has always been an easy option. But at the same, you can also get rid of ants on your own by using a vinegar solution which kills the ants easily. So if you are worried about the ant problems, wipe them off with vinegar diluted water to your floors, hard surfaces, and countertops.  

  1. Is termite control necessary?

ANS:  Yes, Of Course! Termite control is completely necessary. Because little creatures not only invade and attack our houses but also cause great damage and even create an uncomfortable environment. However, always keep in mind that damage by a termite is more prone than any other problem such as a storm or fire. 

  1. How many years does a termite treatment last?

 ANS:  Taking an average period into consideration, termite treatment lasts for about 5 years. As there are two different varieties of termite treatments like liquid treatment and termite bait stations, both have different lasting duration. Usually, liquid treatment lasts for 5 years and even more whereas another one lasts for one year and needs proper maintenance annually. 

  1. How can mosquitoes be controlled?

ANS:  Mosquitoes can be controlled in various ways like:

  • Complete dumping of water in stagnant areas
  • Treat the breeding areas with ariel equipment
  • Mosquito repellent should be used outside the house
  • Destruction of larvae 

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