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Dussehra Diaries: Tips for Dussehra Decorations at your Home

The ‘Navratris’ or Dussehra is one of the biggest festivals across India. Different parts of India celebrate it in their unique ways. For the northern and western part, it’s the time when Lord Rama defeated the demon king Ravana in the epic war which is a symbol of the clash between good and evil and the elegant victory of righteousness over the wicked. The southern and eastern parts of India celebrate the same occasion as Vijayadashami which is a reminder of the triumph of Goddess Durga over the errant demon Mahishasura. The northerners and westerners celebrate the whole of Dussehra by arranging Ramalilas and at the end of nine days; they burn giant idols of Ravana. The easterners and southerners rejoice during the nine days by performing pujas, making idols of Durga, and having their near and dear ones visit them.

As Dussehra is commemorated in such a grand way in most places, the people of Bangalore are not far behind. The residents of Bangalore focus mostly on the positive aspects of the festival and adapt them to live in better ways. People here are fond of cleaning out clutter and decorating their entire house and inviting relatives over for get-togethers and parties. Because an organized place symbolizes positivity in fighting against germs. Most people in Bangalore are job holders with hectic schedules. And even though the idea of having the perfect puja celebration is quite alluring, they compromise on their happiness. But nowadays things are turning around. People are becoming aware of house cleaning services in electronic city Bangalore that is both affordable and highly professional. Professional cleaning services like TechSquadTeam, enhance your life and bring that lost elegance and shine to your home during the festival season that you require.

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Decoration during Dussehra time is a must for most homes. Indians believe in decorations for any major event at home. Decorating the house is both a tradition and also gives you that glee and elation of happy times and merriment. So how can you do it? Here are a few tips that can help you with your Dussehra decorations.

Cleaning and organizing your whole house –

You should start your preparation with tidiness. That’s the most tedious work and if this part is complete you can rest assured that half of the work is done. A deep clean of your house is recommended. Focus on the left-out corners. Throw away the unwanted stuff that causes nothing but a mess. Check out the places that you normally do not go often like storage rooms, attics, high selves, porches, or porticos. These are the places that accumulate germs, dust, allergens, and pests that are responsible for the spread of diseases. If you want it to be taken care of professionally, all you have to do is call on 080-4653-5800 and get choose the best cleaning company in Bangalore

Scouring the bathroom –

Festivals bring in more people to your home than you normally deal with and people must use bathrooms while they are at your home. When so many people are using a place it starts getting dirtier. It’s advised to hire professionals for your bathroom cleaning in Whitefield Bangalore or any other part of Bangalore. Better tools and experienced cleaners are going to give you a germ-free service along with some relaxation to your busy schedule.

Taking care of your furniture –

Festivities come with many people visiting your home and using your furniture like sofas, chairs, and upholsteries to the fullest. Keeping them clean during the long Dussehra week might be too hectic for you. Book an appointment with TechSquadTeam, the best home sofa cleaning service in Bangalore, for enjoying yourself with your friends without the tension of the after-party. We visit your home and before we leave the premises you get a sparkling clean after-party cleaning service for your home.  

Beautifying your home with Diyas –

Diyas are the best option to beautify your home on a budget. Diyas are always mesmerizing with their little flickering lights. You can find various types of Diyas in the market for a successful Dussehra get-together.

Brightening your house with different accessories –

Adorning flower garlands, LED lightings, traditional Rangolis, and scented and floating candles simply add to the revamping and smartening of your home to welcome the upcoming guests.

If you need any help in your preparation for Dussehra, remember we are available for you 24x7. Just call us on 07795001555 or visit for the best quality and discounted prices on all our services.      

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