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Life is too busy. Without being smart, productive, and super-fast, the biggest challenges we have faced are unreal. But there are blood sweat efforts too behind every successful teamwork to make those busy lives a little easier.  

Every media platform is flooded with exaggerated advice, but “Techsquadteam” knows what they do now and will present in the next 50 years. 

On April 25th, we found ourselves in a tough situation when a large architectural company suddenly needed our deep cleaning services. And the biggest issue that arises in this scenario is they needed it to be done overnight as the architectural firm has to deliver the commercial space completely clean and clutter-free the very next day. 

As said, “Luck can become more intentional”. It’s not completely random. Here’s how we got unfairly lucky because within the next few hours one of our best technicians - Jitendra was in a hurry while heading towards his village. Jitendra’s mother was unwell for which he has to wrap up things for the day and plan to move. 

It’s quite difficult to accept the situation, “the way things are”. Because both the architectural firm and Techsquadteam’s reputation were at stake. And at the same time, the avoidable situation of Jitendra’s mother's health issue, summing up something is also difficult. 

Jitendra - Being one of the oldest and most professional cleaning heads, he knows the best techniques to deliver the service on time. Based on his capabilities and uniform sincerity, we badly wanted to close the deal with his dedicated support and effort. But we have never forced him to help us when he has his miseries. 

But as we know, “All is well that ends well”. Hearing out the pathetic situation of the company’s reputation, Jitendra decided to delay the journey for a couple of hours. Heads off to Jitendra, who has proved his dedication and passion for his job. Despite off moving overnight, he decided to take the deep cleaning in hand and complete it within the stipulated time frame. Because of his courageous effort and decision, the assignment of commercial deep cleaning ended up with all goodness. The client become very happy and decided to collaborate with us for further upcoming projects under its firm. 

Here’s what Jitendra said: 


I live in a small village named. Being a single child to a single mother, I have responsibilities from a very early age. So I decided to take it too. Earlier I used to work in a local food stall; I used to wash the utensils and all. There I met a person who approached me with a respectful job and the path to earn more money. Without giving it a second thought, I decided to move with him only for my mother who has struggled a lot while raising me. 

After joining Techsquadteam, I have learned that there is no end to dreaming big. With proper guidance, I completed my training. My guide and the team were very cooperative and helpful. Whatever I am now is only because of Techsquadteam. So I decided to dedicate my few hours, particularly that night of 25th April to the organization when they need me. I will always be there, as they are the ones who have supported me during my difficult times. 

Again, a major accomplishment for Techsquadteam. Jitendra and his team proved to be a great asset despite his values. For which company ended up his fast and safe journey with the 1st flight booking so that he can reach his mother as soon as possible. Along with that some basic amenities have been rewarded him for his overnight struggle that has created a tremendous adventure for both the partners, making it the biggest win.

If you want to consult a professional cleaning partner, Techsquadteam has got some of the best experts working on the frontline. For more details, contact us at 07795001555 now! 

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