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Corona Virus and Home Cleaning: What to do?

The most recent threat to the entire human race is the Corona attack. We all are suffering the consequences and the rate of infection is hiking at an alarming rate. So taking any decision is also becoming difficult whether one should go for a general cleaning or a deep home cleaning. Because without knowing the difference, one cannot trust anything in this pandemic. Amidst this fear and outrage, people are forgetting the basic thing that can save their lives and that is cleanliness. Constant cleaning of your hands frequently used objects, and the place you live in can reduce the risk of infection of coronavirus as well as any other bacteria or virus for that matter. As people have started to seclude themselves from civilization, it might not be a bad idea to start focusing on your cleaning regime at home to make yourself and your family safe. You can take the help of professional cleaning services in Bangalore to help you with a good hygienic clean-up.

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Of course, if you are hiring a cleaning service in Koramangala to sanitize your entire home, you do need to take care of a few things when you are making the booking with them. Here are a few points that you should take care of while you book an external service provider to provide you service inside your home.

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1. Ask the company or service provider to use face masks, gloves, and wipes along with proper disinfectants when they are coming to your home for the cleaning.

2. Check to see how many cleaners are they sending up to your home. You should not allow more than 1 cleaner to take care of the cleaning.

3. Keep the proper distance from the cleaner for your own as well as the cleaner’s health matters.

4. The best cleaning services in Koramangala, Bangalore will always let you know what equipment and cleaning solvents to be used by them during the cleaning and if those things will be properly disinfected before being introduced into your home. If the company does not you should clear that up before they reach your home.

5. Ask the cleaning crew to focus on the high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator, and microwave doors, drawer pulls, tv remotes, counters, tabletops, toilet, and faucet handle.      

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It’s always better to do all this on your own, but if you were a working couple and the house was just your sleeping destination, we understand that you do need some helping hand to clear out the mess that has been hoarding for a long time. But due to the circumstances, you might be facing problems in trusting and availing the right cleaning services in Koramangala, Bangalore.

At TechSquadTeam, we recommend you to regularly clean yourself and adhere to all these cleaning norms but if you really need outside help, just give us a call at 07795001555 or visit to book cleaning services with us and we will try our very best to provide you with the best cleaning options without the changes of contamination. Also, our crew will be reaching your doorstep without you ever stepping out of your home. 

So, stay inside your home and stay safe!


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