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Clever Tips for Painting your Walls on a Budget

Painting your wall can be one of the easiest jobs if you have the perfect knack for it. Because people always get confused with the color due to the wall texture. Many people depend on wall painting services near them to help them out with a paint job with quality assurance or they hire some local painter and risk on quality but get cheaper service. It helps to set a certain amount of expectations before choosing a professional wall painting service in Bangalore, but if you are focusing on some budget reduction, then you can check out these listed points. 

Don’t buy painter’s tape

A painter’s tape also known as masking tape is a thin and easy-to-tear paper that consists of easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive which is used in paint to cover or mask off the area that should not be painted. Now a painter’s tape is a one-time usable item, so, it is a waste of money, and also it takes too much time to put the tape carefully up the walls and after the paint is done, to take it down.

If you are cutting up your budget on painter’s brush then you need to learn to use the paintbrush more carefully. If you notice carefully professional wall painting services in Bangalore never use painter’s tape because they have become so proficient in the art. If you are not confident about using paint carefully, you can always use a putty knife instead.  

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Keep everything simple

The cheapest paint can be too expensive and the correct estimate of the amount of paint needed can only be done by professionals. So the easiest way to save some money on paint is to adhere to a few basic colors. Also, simplicity can be very stylish if some artistic point of view is kept in mind while painting it. The white color goes with all the other colors and you can experiment with mixing two colors to get new paint.

Also, if you are out of ideas for saving your money and getting the best output with few colors, simply hire an expert painting service in Bangalore and enjoy a hassle-free and affordable service. Or you can go browsing on the internet for popular wall painting varieties for home decor.

Go for Good Quality Paint

If you are using good quality paint, then less paint is required to cover the room, and only after fewer coats, the room can have a dazzling look. Good quality paint is going to last longer. They are also less likely to run and create a mess.

You don’t have to go for branded companies, just go for the best quality that you can afford under your budget. You can consult the shop owner for a recommendation and you will find that there are many local and generic versions of branded paints that are way cheaper and give similar results.

Buy the correct amount of paint

Buying excess paint can be a loss. Just measure your room and try to buy the closest capacity that you have calculated. Of course, you have to have some extra amount of paint for touch-ups, if needed, but other than that if you think that you can use the paint at a later time, then you might be disappointed.

Covering a dark wall with light color also takes a lot of paint. If you are trying to save money, you might consider using a thick primer to block the paint first. 

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Look for good deals

Everyone wants to buy everything at a good price range. But the problem is a good deal coming your way can be too rare. Keep checking for cheap paint deals at your local hardware stores or online. You might also want to look into painting services in Bangalore with affordable pricing like TechSquadTeam which can provide you with wholesome services like getting paint along with painting services at the best prices. It might even cost you more if you are buying the paint and hiring people to do the painting individually.  Just call on 07795001555 or visit to book the best deals.


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