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Best Pricings for Reliable and Worthy Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Cleaning and maintenance of your home or office are some of the basic requirements for anyone. We have to keep ourselves, our homes, and offices clean and organized for smooth functioning and a healthy lifestyle. However, considering the pandemic, one cannot avoid cleanliness to stay safe and healthy. As the deadly Covid-19 has spread everywhere just like never before, keeping the entire house is our responsibility for the sake of our family and loved ones. But there is no denying the fact that cleaning can be a pretty hectic and tedious job and no one wants to do it unless you have to. Of course, cleaning solvents and cleaning tools help a lot when it comes to cleaning ease but even with that, it becomes very difficult to cover an entire home or office. In that case, you can opt for a deep cleaning service provider to take the benefits of all the cleaning services without any hassle.

People hire local and professional cleaning services in Bangalore to take care of the job but mostly end up paying more than they have been disclosed or more than their liking. Pricing and quality of service might be a huge issue when it comes to hiring professionals. When you start searching for expert cleaning services you come across multiple companies but the authenticity might be questionable. Also hiring local cleaners might be cheaper but they might not provide you with the required results.

So how do you hire a professional to take care of cleaning that is both affordable and reliable? Well, you have your answer with TechSquadTeam. Our crew is both punctual and experienced so that you get the best service. Also, they reach your doorstep at your scheduled time and place which you have provided at the time of booking.  Our prices are unpretentious and we do not keep any kind of hidden charges to our services. Whatever price is displayed to you on our website or app is what we charge for our service without additional taxes and services charges like other companies.

The other best part about TechsquadTeam cleaning services is our readiness to cater to all your cleaning problems in any area throughout Bangalore. We provide our services all over Bangalore including localities like Whitefield, Indira Nagar, Jayanagar, Malleswaram, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Banashankari, etc. Now that our accessibility is defined, let’s go back to the most concerning issue which is pricing.

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Our company keeps a moderate amount for the services which are the best prices that you can get in the market. With that, we also like to provide our customers with discounted offers time and again so that they can get our services at affordable prices when they need them. Again the price might also fluctuate sometimes when the size and the requirement vary but our overall rates are much better than others in the market. 

Just to make things simpler we are providing you with all the prices of our major cleaning services so that you can have a clear idea when you start booking our service.

Deep Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Deep Home Cleaning Service

Our deep cleaning services include the cleaning of your entire home including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. The cleaning constitutes vacuuming all the furniture, mattress, and cushions, floor cleaning, toilet cleaning, cabinet and appliance dusting, electrical fixture cleaning, and much more. With our deep cleaning services, you do not have to worry about any part of your home being left out with dust, dirt, or germs.  

Rate Chart for Deep Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore for Apartment 

Here are the pricings for our deep cleaning services in Bangalore for apartments.

Deep Cleaning for 1BHK (up to 750 sq. ft.) – Rs3360 to Rs5600

Deep Cleaning for 2BHK (up to 1200 sq. ft.) – Rs4140 to Rs6900

Deep Cleaning for 3BHK (up to 1600 sq. ft.) – Rs5100 to Rs8500

Deep Cleaning for 4BHK (up to 2000 sq. ft.) – Rs6900 to Rs11500

The above rates might fluctuate depending on the size of the house and the requirement. Some houses might need some extra elbow grease which might hike the prices. But there are no concealed charges apart from those that have been mentioned. Also if you want the rates for general cleaning and move-in cleaning then click here.

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Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Bathroom Cleaning Service

Our bathroom cleaning service in Bangalore includes cleaning and disinfecting the entire bathroom, sanitizing water closets, sinks bathtubs, washbasins, and much more. We make sure that proper hygiene is maintained and your residential or commercial bathrooms are given the best sanitation so that our customers do not face any kind of infections or health issues after our crew is through with your bathroom.   

Rate Chart for Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore for Apartment 

Here are the pricings for our bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore for apartments.

Cleaning for 1 Bathroom – Rs510 to Rs850

Cleaning for 2 Bathrooms – Rs900 to Rs1500

Cleaning for 3 Bathrooms – Rs1380 to Rs2300

Cleaning for 4 Bathrooms – Rs1740 to Rs2900

The above prices given show the lowest and highest rates that we are providing for the service. The highest rates are the actual prices but the prices might get as low as the lowest price which is up to 40% discount that our company provides from time to time for the convenience of our customers. Calling our agents on 07795001555 will give you the current rate status along with any discount if available.

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Office Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Office Cleaning Service

Our office cleaning services in Bangalore include meticulous and detailed cleaning of each nook and corner of your office which consists of overall office deep cleaning, reception area cleaning, and office washroom cleaning. With us, you will get the feel of working with the right team because we deliver top-quality service as per your requirements.

Rate Chart for Office Cleaning Services in Bangalore for Corporates

Here are the pricings for our office cleaning services in Bangalore for corporates.

Cleaning for 1000 sq. ft. – Rs6234 to Rs10390

Cleaning for 2000 sq. ft. – Rs10910 to Rs18182

The above prices are for the general cleaning of the office according to size. We try to keep a fair price along with a skilled and experienced crew so that you can get everything covered when you hire us. You do not need to get different services for different cleaning problems.

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Kitchen Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Deep Kitchen Cleaning Service

Our kitchen cleaning services in Bangalore include detailed and comprehensive cleaning of the entire kitchen including windows, ventilators, exhaust fans, stove, burners, chimney hoods, storage cabinets, electrical fixtures, and every corner of your kitchen. We do not miss out on any spot and provide you with a clean, sanitized, and fresh kitchen.   

Rate Chart for Kitchen Cleaning Services in Bangalore for Apartment

Here are the pricings for our kitchen cleaning services in Bangalore for apartments.

Cleaning and Sanitisation – Rs1695 to Rs2824

The price given remains constant for any kind of apartment or home. The minimum and maximum rates for cleaning and sanitization are given and the price will remain between these two values for any given day as per your requirement and the size of the kitchen.

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Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Sofa Cleaning Service

The sofa cleaning services in Bangalore with TechSquadTeam are going to include general shampooing, premium shampooing, and cushion cleaning. We have given you the prices for general shampooing and cushion cleaning as more people are interested in these rates. We have separate cleaning techniques for leather and fabric sofas.    

Rate Chart for Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

The prices given below are the lowest and highest prices offered by TechSquadTeam from time to time. For the time being, we have a discount for Holi and the normal prices have gone down significantly. Here are the pricings for our sofa cleaning services in Bangalore for general shampooing and cushions cleaning.

General Shampooing of 3 Seats – Rs465 to Rs775

General Shampooing of 5 Seats – Rs690 to Rs1150

General Shampooing of 7 Seats – Rs870 to Rs1450

General Shampooing of 9 Seats – Rs1068 to Rs1780

Cushion Cleaning for 1 to 5 sets – Rs170 to Rs282

Cushion Cleaning for 6 to 10 sets – Rs339 to Rs564

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are delicate yet mandatory to clean. As carpets are used more often the cleaning needs to be equally dedicated. TechsquadTeam’s carpet cleaning services in Bangalore provide reliable and affordable carpet cleaning experience to both our residential and office clients. We offer vacuuming, shampooing, and removal of odor, dirt, and dust. 

Rate Chart for Carpet Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Just to get a clear picture of how our prices work, we have given you the pricing for general shampooing of carpets according to their sizes. Here is the pricing for our carpet cleaning services in Bangalore for general shampooing.

General Shampooing of carpets up to 25 sq. ft. – Rs351 to Rs585

General Shampooing of carpets 25 to 50 sq. ft. – Rs552 to Rs920

General Shampooing of carpets 50 to 100 sq. ft. – Rs697 to Rs1162

General Shampooing of carpets 100 to 150 sq. ft. – Rs842 to Rs1403

General Shampooing of carpets 150 to 200 sq. ft. – Rs980 to Rs1633

General Shampooing of small size carpets – Rs561 to Rs934

General Shampooing of large size carpets – Rs701 to Rs1168

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Mattress Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Mattress Cleaning Service

Our mattress cleaning services in Bangalore aim to make your mattress as fresh as new ones by cleaning and sanitizing it thoroughly. We combat allergy-causing allergen, dust, dust mites, and fungal spores. Our service includes vacuuming, smell removal, spraying anti-allergens, etc.  

Rate Chart for Mattress Cleaning Services in Bangalore for Apartment

Here is the pricing for our carpet cleaning services in Bangalore for apartments.

Cleaning of a single piece – Rs654 to Rs1090

Cleaning of queen size mattress – Rs720 to Rs1200

Cleaning of king size mattress – Rs780 to Rs1300

The above prices are the standard rates for our services. You can go through all the other information on our website Just click on cleaning services and then go to mattress cleaning to get all the information on the service.

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Balcony Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam Balcony Cleaning Service

The most neglected part of any building or home is the balcony. We rarely use it and because of its location, it becomes the dirtiest. Bird droppings, dirt, dust, and stain make your home or office look disgusting. Our balcony cleaning services in Bangalore include complete and careful cleaning of anything and everything that might be the cause of any health problem or look bad for the building. 

Rate Chart for Balcony Cleaning Services in Bangalore for Apartment

The rate chart shows the minimum and maximum pricing for balcony cleaning for apartments. The prices are the most reasonable and affordable in all of Bangalore. Here are the pricings for our balcony cleaning services in Bangalore for apartments.

Cleaning of 1 Balcony – Rs806 to Rs1342

Cleaning of 2 Balconies – Rs1396 to Rs2326

Cleaning of 3 Balcony – Rs2059 to Rs3431

If you are interested in any of these services or other cleaning facilities just check out our website or give a call to us at 07795001555 and we will provide you with all the information along with instant booking.  

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