Fumigation and Sanitization

Fumigation and Sanitization Fumigation and Sanitization

Basic Practices to Avoid COVID-19 Infection at Home and Office

When the complete world is in chaos due to the coronavirus pandemic, sanitization is the top priority for everyone at this point. A permanent treatment for the virus is vaccination but till that time world leaders and leading health organizations like World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended and informed the world to take certain preventive measures to stop the spreading the virus and remain healthy and safe.

As we know by now Coronavirus is a very contagious disease and spreads by direct contact with an infected person or by touching contaminated objects that have in contact with an infected person. The governments of most countries have tried to contain the spread by keeping people indoors. But then no matter where you are you need to keep a sterile and disinfected surrounding to avoid infection. The only way to do that is constantly cleaning and sanitization for which reason many households at hiring sanitized deep home cleaning services in Bangalore as well as in other parts of the world.

Not only homes but offices are also being sanitized thoroughly before and after employees have worked. Professional sanitized office cleaning services in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam are just a call away to help you get a safe and hygienic work environment where your entire office including every nook and corner gets equal attention disinfected accordingly.

Sanitisation and keeping personal hygiene is nowadays the basic rule to survive this pandemic. Coronavirus sanitization by professionals is being practiced widely and more and more people are doing it as well. However, there are specific practices and habits that when incorporated into our daily life can help us to avoid COVID – 19 contaminations and control their spread.

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Here are a few vital yet rudimentary routines for you to follow whether at home or office.


Washing your hands at regular intervals both at home as well as at the office is the easiest way to avoid infection of any kind. You use your hands for every work. That can lead to touching infected objects with various bacteria and viruses. So, washing your hands frequently is a good practice to keep yourself healthy.

Stop touching your face regularly: –

Many people have the habit of continuously touching their mouth and eyes. This practice allows viruses to get introduced into our bodies quickly. It is time to stop touching your eyes and mouth for any reason.

Keeping distance: –

Social gatherings and personal contact with people should be restricted. Social distancing and maintaining a minimum of 1-meter distance from people are recommended by health organizations.

Home Sanitisation: –

Keeping your home safe from any kind of contamination is always a good idea. Experts recommend cleaning regularly the commonly touched surfaces and things. Also, overall cleaning cannot be ignored. You can take the help of professional home fumigation and sanitization services in Bangalore time and again.

Office Sanitisation:– 

You can always hire professional office fumigation and sanitization services in Bangalore to get rid of all kinds of viruses and bacteria in the workplace. However, you need to also remember that keeping your station or cubicle clean often and using sanitizers for personal hygiene can only be taken care of by you. Also try to keep your keyword, mouse, monitors, mobile, and other electronic items as clean as possible.

Working on these few tips diligently and consistently will help you to remain safe. In case you need professional help just give us a call at 07795001555 or visit www.techsquadteam.com and our crew will reach your doorstep at your scheduled time without any hassle.   

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