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Ayurveda Hair Care Treatment for Summer!

Don’t you feel like losing your hair's charm and growth while heading towards the summer season? The reason behind it is the scorching heat and sometimes the sudden change in weather. But don't worry; trust Ayurveda, as it has all your hair care treatments always ready. 

With extensive Ayurveda care treatment, you can definitely get back your evergreen hair. Because due to the ever-changing weather, the human mind also needs time to figure out the real accuse behind the damage or loss of the hair. As of now, salons are giving hair care services through Ayurveda treatments in order to give a supernatural growth to the customer. The only thing you need to care about is to keep patience all through the procedure or treatment.

What Is the Exact Reason Behind Your Hair Losing its Natural Shine? 


There are numerous reasons behind your hair losing its natural shine, but according to Ayurveda, the major reason behind is the three doshas present inside your body - Vata, Pitha, and Kapha. Each one of them hampers your body's functionality in single different ways, such as - 

1. Vata Dosa - Frizzy, dull, and dry hair

2. Pitta Dosa - It is responsible for blood circulation and formation which directly impacts the new hair growth follicles. 

3. Kapha Dosa - This leads to over synthesis of natural oils in your scalp making it greasy and clumpy.  

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Below are the steps of creating an Ayurveda hair care regime. 

Everyone wants shining hair to flaunt. Most people think that there is much more beyond good hair, but it’s absolutely wrong. Because only a healthy hair is something that can really help to boost your confidence, makes you presentable in front of an audience, and most importantly make you more beautiful and feel like loving yourself more like never before. 

However, taking these things into consideration, you should also keep one more thing in mind the treatment also differs as per the texture of the hair true. It’s true that you can treat it by using Ayurveda products but not for a long time rather prefer Ayurveda home remedies that can really make a huge difference. 

Dry Hair:

Dry Hair: 

People often complain about their dry and frizzy hair. But do you know what the best solution to it is? Obviously, it's Coconut oil. As coconut oil carries naturally soothing properties, it makes your scalp moisturized. So all you need to do is take a good amount of this Ayurveda coconut oil and apply it over the scalp and hair. On the other hand, you can also use sesame oil but it is preferred in winters. 

Oily Hair:

Oily Hair:  

Oily hair or you can say an oily scalp is what people usually get frustrated on and prefer shampooing more frequently. But this is not good at all as it overproduces more losing the formation of natural oil. So just avoid washing the hair frequently, rather prefer a neem extract-based shampoo that stabilizes the Kapha and Pitta dosa of your scalp. Use the oils based on olive, sesame, and neem, as it has to purify properties that balance the oil formation on the scalp. 


Thinning Hair:

Thinning Hair: 

Bhringaraj is purely advisable while taking an Ayurveda treatment as it encourages safe hair growth. Being the most preferred Ayurveda herb, it rejuvenates the scalp and hair from within. It is used in several Ayurveda formulations. Mainly it is grown in India, Brazil, China, and Thailand. Along with that, it is also used to cure various alignments too. Taking the ingredients into consideration, you can conclude that no doubt these are effective but will take time. To get a fruitful result you need to be patient enough and keep applying on regular basis.

Concluding Ayurveda hair care treatment needs a cognitive approach in terms of identifying the root cause of the hair problem. Before that, you need to identify the hair texture in order to choose an appropriate cosmetic, medication, and a healthier diet for ever-shining hair. 

Or else you can rely on a professional hair care service provider, Techsquadteam who can help you with the utmost treatments for long, shinny, and healthy hair all through the summer. Maintaining a perfect solution with complete care and attention is what we focus on. Choose the right one to get the perfect look and feel of your hair!  

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