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Are Termites Responsible For Your Home's Foundation Damage?

Termites are the worst and secret destroyers in a house. They are responsible for Lakhs of rupees in damages. Termites can create hidden passages underground and the most active pests, next to ants. These insects have scissor-like jaws that help them to eat wood 24 hours a day. Like other termite species, underground termites prefer to eat food items that contain cellulose. They swarm in the spring because this is the perfect time for other regenerative termites to search for new provinces.

However, to get rid of these nuisance creatures you need to get expert advice who can suggest complete preventive measures for complete termite infestation being at home. Sounds, cool! Right?

Can termites destroy your house in a few months?

Termites are so much active, and destructive pests, they never get tired of chewing on woods, or your home’s foundation. They can only take hardly a few months to damage them. Once get the path to enter the tiny house that was built to simulate a real house, they quickly start their work of attacking the wooden structure.

TechSquadTeam termite control in Bangalore stays trustworthy and committed to protecting their client’s home from termite damage and their breeding. Our experts offer termite treatment and prevention through its successful methods and services. This blog will guide you in preventing termite infestation on your property.

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Keep all dirt 2 to 3 inches below the first brick:-

It is essential to keep the concrete foundation visible at least 2 to 3 inches around the exterior of the house so that you can easily inspect the slab for termite infestation properly. For better results, you should keep the landscaping and dirt within 6 inches of the exterior foundation. In this way, you can protect the chemical barrier and disturb the termites from entering your home.

Keep all ivy and plants from growing next to your foundation:-

Ivy causes moisture problems and creates a direct path for termites to breed in your wooden structure.

Avoid moisture buildup outside of your home:-

An area that is used as harbourage for termites is Masonite siding. The bottom 3 to 4 boards of Masonite sidings usually rot within 3 years of installation. It is common to find moisture in wooden doors and windows within 5 years of installation, especially when a house has small eaves that provide almost no protection from rainwater.

Keep the surrounding of your house clean:-

Rainwater should be drained out of the house. Remove or redirect the sprinkler systems that wet within 8-12 inches of a structure. Because sprinkler water and rainwater will keep the surrounding dirt moist that helps to allow termites to live without ground contact.

If you are planning to hire a termite control service in Bangalore, then these above-mentioned tips might help you in limiting termite infestations and upkeep your home for a prolonged period. So, the TechSquadTeam pest control team can inspect and treat the termite problem properly at all times. To book our various types of pest control services in Bangalore besides termite treatment, contact us at 07795001555 or visit our website

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