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Are bedbugs really contagious and how to get rid of them?

Bedbugs are widely known as great travelers. Hitching a ride on anything like from your suitcase to your vintage sofa, clothes to your hankies, they can easily hide in anything. They are notorious insects as they instinctively follow human hosts in search of blood. Bedbugs are parasites who survive by feeding human as well as animal blood. They are tiny, brown-colored insects who live in small cracks, beddings, box springs, and other structures such as bed frames and mattresses.

Bedbugs generally live at 8 feet distance from the place where humans sleep. They are found active during the night and just before the sun rises. They mostly attack the exposed area of skin like the face, legs, hands, and neck. The bug bite is usually painless, but multiple bites cause swelling and redness in the skin and sometimes it becomes itchy.

Are bedbugs contagious?

Though bedbugs are not contagious, these creepy parasites are easily transmitted by one person to other household items. Bedbugs can also travel through clothes and belongings and get closer to those places where and when you rest. While you don’t physically catch bed bugs from other people, they are easy to transmit in crowded areas like buses, trains, and even on flights. Thus, it is essential to protect yourself from bedbugs as much as you can.

Bedbugs can travel from one house to another house quickly, especially in shared living spaces like an apartment and dormitories. Transporting them becomes apparent when you leave your belongings, backpacks, and jackets in a bedbug-infested location. Bedbugs can spread rapidly, and some people think they are contagious but, in reality, they are not. In extreme infestation places, you need to call professional bed bug control services in Bangalore that can inspect your living space and their infested area and carry out pest extermination tasks smoothly to eradicate these parasites.

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What are the common symptoms of bedbug bites?

Despite their size, bedbugs are dangerous to society. But one can easily identify the symptoms of the bedbug’s bites as soon as they recognize them.

Few are listed below:

•             Swollen area with red marks

•             Arranged lines with multiples bites

•             Itchy area

How to protect yourself from bedbugs?

Bedbugs don’t live on people, and they don’t get directly transmitted from one person to another. The simplest way to protect yourself from bedbug, and make it tough for them to travel to your home is to stop the problems before it starts.

  • Be cautious when you buy second-hand furniture. There may be bedbugs from where the furniture has come for selling purposes. In that way, bedbugs can be easily transmitted to your house in between sofa cushions and in joints of drawers.
  • Regularly inspect your bed and mattress. Stay alert when you find bedbugs existence in your house and ensure you haven’t invited any surprising visitors.
  • De-clutter your entire house. Throw away useless items as the more places bedbugs find to hide, the more difficult it will be for you to spot them.
  • Be cautious while traveling. As much as possible, keep your stuff away from the bed and floor of hotel rooms. Instead, you can use a valet rack or store your clothes in the bathroom.
  • Inspect your luggage before storing them in your house, after a trip. Give a thorough check to your bags, accessories, and even the clothes that you are wearing.

Expert treatment is always necessary

If you are still worried about bedbugs infestation, then you may readily call a bed bug pest control service in Bangalore city. Let TechSquadTeam put your mind to rest, while its exterminator gives a free, extensive inspection of your home, beds, linens, and furniture. Our service is available in the top cities in Bengaluru including Marathalli, Whitefield, Bannerghatta, Begur, Silk Board, etc.

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