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Anti-Termite Treatment: Pre and Post Construction

Termites are those pests, if left untreated, can damage all your wooden appliances as well as the floors and walls of your house. Most of us think that termite treatment can only be done after their infestation, but with advanced technology, termite treatment can also be done during the construction of the house. While termites do not carry or spread any diseases, at times people have been recorded to be allergic or have asthma attacks. Any place that offers a suitable environment including food, moisture, and warmth, is prone to termite attack. So, for pre or post-construction, make sure to book TechSquadTeam for termite control services in Hyderabad.

Basically, anti-termite treatment is a chemical procedure that is carried out for soil, masonry, wood, and electrical features to provide the building with a barrier against the subterranean termites before and after the construction. And doing all the procedures alone is not an easy task, so it’s better to seek the help of professional pest control. Here we will discuss the procedures of pre and post-construction termite treatment along with their benefits.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Procedure:

A pre-construction termite treatment means treating the layer of soil which is in immediate contact with the building’s foundation and floor structure with chemicals. The chemicals are used in both the top and side layers of the foundation channel. Make sure these procedures are done by approved anti-termite control services in Hyderabad.

The procedures of pre-construction termite treatment are:

  • For the foundation excavation, the sides and the bottom surface of the foundation channels and pits are treated with an anti-termite chemical to a height of about 30cm at the rate of 5 liters per square meter
  • For the flooring, the surface of the earth is firstly cleaned from any wooden or garbage particles
  • The entire surface should be clean and leveled to the required elevation
  • Holes of 30cm depth are made at 15cm interval
  • The emulsion of the correct concentration of the chemical is poured into these holes by pouring jars. The emulsion is also sprayed on the surface by sprayers and pressure pumps
  • The emulsion is then left to get soaked through these fully

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Benefits of Pre-Construction Termite Treatment:

Less Price

The process or steps involved in a pre-construction termite treatment are less compared to post-construction treatment. Thus, the cost is less and less expensive.

Fewer Barriers:

The number of barriers or obstacles in the pre-construction treatment is next to nothing more than those of post-construction treatment, especially the walls. Walls are the obstacles that provide the house with corners and nooks. Without walls, access is easier.

No property damage:

In the post-construction, a termite infestation cannot be easily determined, until it damaged a significant amount of your property. So, for termite prevention altogether, pre-construction treatment is recommended.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment Procedure:

  • The professionals of pest control services in Hyderabad do a thorough inspection of the property
  • They determine all the locations of termite infestation
  • Drilling of tiny holes in the infested areas
  • Required chemicals are injected inside the holes
  • These holes are saturated and left for chemical soaking
  • All the holes are closed with white cement or wax or any substance that is suitable for closing these holes
  • If the infestation level is more, insecticides are sprayed on the surface of the wood or infested area

Benefits of Post-Construction Termite Treatment:

  • It provides immediate protection to any termite-infested surface
  • It can last for several years if a thorough inspection is done every once in a while
Safety Measures:
  • All work should be carried out adhering to the safety measures according to the safety plans laid out by municipality rules and regulations
  • Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be worn by all crew members
  • All workers shall be inducted before entering the construction site

Pre-construction termite treatment is a prevention plan that is absolutely necessary to avoid termite infestation which involves various tips for its complete prevention. It costs less and is effective. But still, if your house gets attacked by these pests, book TechSquadTeam for a complete termite control service.

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