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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Flooring

Marble is probably the most popular flooring choice for both residential and commercial buildings. For ages, marble stone has been used to create spectacular monuments, such as the Taj Mahal, which is made of an ivory-white marble mausoleum. Today there are more than 100 flooring options available, but still, marble stands out from all of them, due to its durability, elegance, hardness, sleek shine, etc.

With so many exciting features, marble sure is one of the best choices, but it still has its disadvantages such as its cost. Marbles tend to be more expensive than many other flooring options including vinyl, ceramic, linoleum, etc. Marble is a beautiful stone that is formed by subjecting limestone or dolomite rock to extreme heat and pressure. Despite its cost and beautiful texture, it has all its value indulged which one cannot ignore when it comes to cleaning the same. As it is very expensive, one cannot take any risk of cleaning all one rather think of booking a cleaning service provider. If you have marble flooring in your house, you can maintain it with the help of deep home cleanings services in Kolkata. If you don’t and considering the marble flooring, here are some of it advantages and disadvantages:

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Advantages of Marble Flooring

Unique Appearance:

Marble is a natural stone, which means every manufactured piece has a unique appearance. You won’t get the same piece of marble anywhere else. If it is solid coloured marble, the shades and colours are subtle but they stand out. For multi-coloured marbles, you can distinctively distinguish among the shades and patterns very easily.

Varieties of Colours and Patterns:

One of the best things about marble is its wide range of shades, colours, and patterns. From deep, dark colours to light, bright colours, marble has probably every shade you could expect. Also, marble comes in one solid colour to multi-coloured patterns, which is another good advantage. It is also available in different shapes and sizes which can be put together to get beautiful mosaic creations.

Glassy Effect:

Marble has a natural translucent look, when nicely polished, gives a glassy and attractive effect. This is mostly because when light hits the marble, it gets slightly penetrated and reflects it. Even the darker shades of marble look shiny when polished.

Good Conductor of Heat:

If you want flooring that radiates heat, then marble is the best choice. It is one of the best ways to counter cold surfaces. It is also resistant to hot pans and pots, which is why it is also used as kitchen countertops. Marble doesn’t get damaged when exposed to a reasonable temperature. But you have to keep it maintained with the help of professional kitchen cleaning services in Kolkata.

Disadvantages of Marble Flooring

It is Expensive:

For its unique attributes, marble is one of the most expensive floorings you could do. The cost of marble varies according to its type, but it is generally more expensive than other tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, etc. And in that case, you really need to look upon specific cleaning procedures just to avoid any damage. But then again, it is a prime architectural element for building design, so you have to spare some expense.

Easily Stained:

Marble is made of limestone, dolomite, and other naturally formed rocks, which means the PH level of the marble is mostly alkaline. When some acidic product is spilt on it, it causes a chemical reaction, which creates stains. The acidic substance can be found in day-to-day items, including food, drinks, and regular cleaning products. Some of these stains are very difficult to get rid of without the help of professional cleaning services in Kolkata.

It is Fragile

Due to its translucent nature, marble is more prone to breaking, cracking, and chipping. Installation of marbles should be done properly to ensure there is no gap left between the floor and the tile. If there are any weak spots left behind, it could crack under normal pressure. Marbles when used as countertops need to be taken extra care to not break. Marble is also susceptible to scratch marks that can be easily visible on a flat and smooth surface.

Marble is Porous in nature:

Porous surface refers to those which allow liquid or air to pass through them slowly. Since marble is porous in nature, it is prone to damage from water penetration. Also, any split material is dangerous to the surface. You can avoid this disadvantage by using a chemical sealer on the surface, immediately after installing the tiles. To avoid water damage, you have to re-apply the sealer at least once a year.

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