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AC Repair and Maintenance Ideas for India's Summer

AC Repair and Maintenance Ideas for India's Summer

By TechSquadTeam .     December 14, 2017

Summer is here. We in India are well aware of the high temperatures the city reaches be it day or night during the summers. Whether you are out in open, or in your house, the heat is unbearable. Residents of Bhubaneswar usually see 40+ degrees during summer. However, it is astonishing to find the Garden City, Bangalore reaching 35+ degrees. Rapid urbanization took a toll on its climate.

Summer is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to check your Air conditioner (AC). It is advisable to check the system regularly to prevent breakdowns or gas leaks, once the temperatures start to climb up. If your air conditioner isn’t ready for the heat, you may be in big trouble. Proactive maintenance is the key. It will ensure a comfortable summer, healthier home environment, and lower energy bills.

We recommend the following important steps that you can take to get your AC ready for peak performance in India’s summer months:

Keep the Outdoor Unit (Condenser Unit) Clean
You need to make sure that the outdoor unit or condenser is free from dirt, debris, plant growth, grass clippings, dust, pollen grains, etc. Keep the coil, fins and surrounding area as clean as possible to get the best possible performance from your system. Make sure not to block the outdoor unit. The aim is to clear off any obstructions to ensure an uninterrupted flow of air to the outdoor unit. If you find it clogged, then call our AC Repair Bangalore and Bhubaneswar, and get the muck out of the AC unit.

Check, Repair or Replace Any Damaged Pipe Insulation

Cooling losses happen mostly due to damaged pipe insulation, and this could damage your system and also get you high electricity bills. Check for any bend or crack in the two refrigerant lines. Proper insulation of these lines is a must, as they maintain proper system cooling. These components make sure that your AC runs at maximum efficiency. If you find it cracks or leakage of any kind, then call for an AC repair in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar, and get a replacement.

Keep the Indoor Unit Clean

AC’s indoor unit needs a major a check, similar to the outdoor unit before you use it during summers. You need to make sure that all supply/return air grills, fins and vents are open and free of dust and dirt. The cleaning of the fins need to be done carefully. Firm hands while cleaning can bend the fins, affecting the air-suction ability of the unit. It is advisable to ask for an experienced AC Technician Bangalore and Bhubaneswar to perform the task properly.

Keep the Air Filters Clean

Air filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis (weekly). A clean air filter allows air to pass easily into the evaporator coil, thereby cooling the room effectively. A clogged filter is detrimental to your unit as well as to the room’s air quality. Unclean air filter puts extra strain on the AC compressor, thereby affects the cooling. Cleaning of the air filters is a relatively easy task, and can be done by anyone. If you can’t do it on your own, then experts in AC Repair Bhubaneswar (BBSR) and Bangalore can always help you out.

Try to Lower AC Air Losses
AC rooms need to be dust-free. The room should have the least points of air loss. i.e. Windows and skylights (if any) needs to be closed for best cooling output from the AC. This will ensure the AC runs efficiently and uses less electricity, so it costs less to operate. Please try to avoid activities that generate high heat and humidity (i.e., cooking, laundering, etc.) inside an AC room.

Keeping your home cool is critical in the hot summer months! Therefore, it is advisable to have the unit checked and cleaned properly at the start of the summer season. During the off season, you can clean and properly cover it. Regularly check your AC system by hiring an air conditioning repair professional from TechSquadTeam. Our AC Installation Bhubaneswar and Bangalore services can help prevent future problems by providing proper, detailed maintenance.

TechSquadTeam repairs and services ACs from all companies namely, Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, Godrej, Mitsubishi, General, Blue Star and Hitachi. We are always ready to serve you! This summer, we hope your AC works flawlessly, if not, Call us.

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