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A to Z tips and tricks to get rid of pests at home

Have you ever experienced the carcasses of mice or a cockroach floating on your curry? That would be the worst nightmare for those who have gone through this incident. Though Bangalore is known as a green city, silicon city, etc. it is well known for its cool weather. People enjoy the weather as much as they suffer from the infestation of various pests due to its weather condition.

Breeding of pests is the worst agony can anybody feels and it can lead to major problems to the house such as structural damages to the infected part. Pests also cause various deadly diseases such as plague, asthma, skin irritation, swelling, redness, etc. Keeping your home pest-free is absolutely essential. With various preventive measures, it is much easier to eradicate them from the house as long as the technological constraint goes well with the ever-evolving society. Different kinds of pests include termites, bees, ants, cockroaches, mice, wood borers, mosquitoes, moles, etc. These are unwelcome guests who enter your house without permission and make your life hell. While some pests are attracted to cool places while others love to live in warm areas.

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Keeping your home, clean and dry is the first point to avoid the breeding of pests. Here are some handy tips to try at home

Daily sweeping and moping keep pests away. So, you should sweep and mop your entire home on a daily basis to make sure the house is free from all bags of dust and dampness. Always avoid storing newspapers, paper bags, and boxes for long periods as it may attract pests.

Door and window curtains and nets keep insects out of the house. All the passageways should be blocked to avoid the nightmares of bed bugs. Because keeping the passageways open gives an open invitation to the insects to spread all over the area.

A kitchen is a warm place where cockroach loves to stay. SO, you should keep the kitchen clean and make sure all the leftover foods are kept in air-tight containers. Wipe off any food crumbs immediately after cooking. Do not keep the unwashed utensils overnight as the food scraps stuck on them attract cockroaches.
Always keep the garbage bins covered and they should be discarded to prevent pests.

Cardboard boxes attract cockroaches. So, to keep our house pest free, better to use containers made of plastic, metal, or glass. To prevent ants, cockroaches, or caterpillars to crawl into your house, better trim off a few branches of the tree which is very nearer to your home.

TechSquadTeam is a leading organization that works hard to provide services for pest control, home cleaning, salon and spa treatment, and many more. With our residential pest control service in Bangalore, you will never experience anything less than the absolute best. We offer affordable pest control services to all our customers and ensure that once our experts are done with their work, it will last for a longer period.

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals or products which are child and pet safe. Our experts are friendly in nature and also flexible with the customer’s requirements and time. You can discuss with them if you have any doubt or give suggestions to improve the work.

Our preventive pest control service goes through 4 steps: 


First of all, in and out inspection will be done of your entire property. Pests are so tiny insects that cannot be seen by common eyes. But our hired technicians are well trained to find out all the hidden pests in the home.


Finding out the exact species of pests is very crucial to control them. For example, all cockroaches look somehow similar but their resistance power to various chemicals is different. Thus, we create a good strategy to take care of the specific pests found in your home.


After proper identification, we start to eliminate those pests by using natural and eco-friendly chemicals. Before applying those chemicals, we ensure all the kids and pets are kept away from it and proper precaution is taken.

Prevention Plan:

The last step is to take the exact preventive way. We provide handy tips to avoid entering pests again into your home. If in case, again you see any pests in your home, then feel free to contact us or call us on our customer care number. Our experts will be right there within no time.

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