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Pest Control Services Pest Control Services

A complete guide for the pest control checklist to look after!

Pest control in the right way plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. Controlling the pest without any pause not only helps the people clean the home completely but also makes it rodent-free both in commercial as well as residential areas. Different varieties of rodents, insects, and other wildlife have come up with some possibilities. 

However, by damaging the indoor and outdoor living space, these creatures never miss their target to anneal in through windows, holes, and doors. And the entry of pests into your house can be prevented quite well with regular cleaning and inspecting of your entire property. Moreover, keeping the pests out of your house is now or never a decision in your lifetime.

Various Physical Evidence of Pest Activity:

Below are some of the signs that you have pests in your home or backyard:

Detectable bugs or rodents:

Investigate for dead bugs or body parts throughout the house, including in any sticky traps you might have set. 

Dropping Of Pests:

Check keenly around for droppings or a trail of urine on the floor or near food. Along with the fecal matter from rodents which might be easy to see with your naked eyes, but if you look hard enough, you could also find small droppings from bugs.

Quite Clear Chew marks:

Inspect various fabrics and food containers from wooden furniture for bite marks from rodents. Outside the house, you may notice little holes in your plants from insects.

Suspected Termite tunnels:

For termite tunnels, inspect your attic and places with moisture, which are just about the size of a pencil.

Nesting Evidence:

Check for fickle nests, such as piles of debris, insulation, or dust in quiet areas. Setting up camp in paper, rags, straw, or cardboard by the rodents. 

Oily rub marks:

For oily residue left behind by rodents, never forget to inspect your kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Irritating noises:

Unavoidable gnawing, squeaking, or movement sounds throughout the home, especially in walls, ceilings, and pantries.

Musty odors:

Causing various allergic symptoms a cockroach infestation could produce a potent smell. 

Complete Pest Preventive Measures: Making Sure Your Dream place Is Secure

As we know pest control is not totally preventable, still there are certain things that you can surely do reduce the pest problem in your house. 

Scroll down to have a look at some of the preventive measures for keeping your place clean and pest-free:

  • Check on Stagnant Water 
  • Repair Damaged Home
  • Thorough Care of Food & Waste
  • Completely Deep Clean Your Home

Being aware of the fact that stagnant water leads to an increasing number of mosquitoes and other insects. For you can follow a few tips to limit their mischievous activity by easily getting rid of the water around your residing property:

  • Ceiling & window inspection: Discoloration or molds are the common signs of water damage you should look for.
  • Check your irrigation system: The stagnant water should be cleared on an immediate basis to avoid the residence of mosquitoes.
  • Quality of HVAC: Prefer replacing the old one with the new one as your air conditioning gets rid of humidity in the air. To get rid of the excess moisture start using it.
  • Repair your roof’s flashing: To prevent any water damage to your wooden furniture or parts of your house, inspect and replace the flashing on your roof.'

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Deep Cleaning Your Sweet Home to Manage Pests:

Well, pest problems nowadays have been a great threat to your home, isn’t it? So by keeping your house clean, you will notice pests before they become a serious issue. 

Below are certain tips for cleaning out the entire house: 

  • Trash out the gutters: Trash your gutters from blockage or obstructions, after a heavy storm or once every season.
  • Wash the nasty dishes: Before going to bed at night, properly wash your dirty dishes.
  • Clean the kitchen sink: With vinegar and baking soda, rinse out the drain. 
  • Declutter every single room: Pests’ hidden places should be cleared out to get rid of stacks of cardboard, newspapers, or other clutter. 
  • Deep clean the whole house: Pay complete attention to each and every corner of the house to deep clean your home at least once a season.
  • Sweep away the basement: To prevent spiders from making a home on your property, especially in your basement sweep the cobwebs quite often.
  • Completely Clean the floors: To disturb any areas where pests might be consider making a home regularly sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors. 

At TechsquadTeam, we offer various residential as well as commercial pest management services which are undoubtedly safe for the entire family and fruitful and effective at controlling pests. If you are in search of any such professional inspection, contact us anytime, anywhere and we will definitely schedule an appointment with you. 

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