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A Complete Guide for Pocket-Friendly Living-Room Styling

Have you ever asked yourself which space could be your favorite one in the entire house? I guess… you got the correct answer! It’s a living room. The only space that not only soothes your soul but also helps you create all those happy moments and memories with your loved ones. A complete space for your creativity and imaginary thoughts. 

During these covid-19 scenarios, each and every member gathers themselves as they get to spend most of their time. And trust me; the living room is the best place to spend the time. Be it those beautiful evenings or the scorching heat of summer, lying down altogether and gossiping with coffee and snacks on the table can never beat those efforts while making lovely memories. All you need to do is style the living room as per the trend or your taste, keeping the rest of the members in your mind. Because it is a collective place for all to dine and shine all through the day and night. Right! 

To make sure that our Techsquadteam guide for your living room, the designs in the video creates an appealing thought to adorn for 2022 living room styling.


So here are 6 amazing living room designs for you to choose for your dream home 

1. The first thing to choose from is the style that goes with the trend. 2022 is all about bringing back those retro classic trends. Isn’t it? But at the same time bringing back the whole retro look is even will not work too, a mix of classic vintage furniture will rock the pair. With modern functional furniture, an appealing look of this enhances the whole living room area. 

2. Nowadays the bohemian is great while designing the living rooms. It trends quite well with different types of upholsteries. Use different colors, textures, and mesmerizing interior designs as 2022 defines a lot of bohemian. In this picture, we have an amazing ornate wall texture, floral curtains, and indoor plants to set up a refreshing environment all around. 

3. The sofa is an important piece of attraction in the entire living space. Everyone's eyes just stuck to it from the first they enter the room. It should be cozy and attractive to give a comfortable feeling. Now the trend is so fast that just forgets about those rectangular old models, rather bring some cool curved and angle design sofas. To accentuate the modern look, sum up the sofas with dimensional wall designs. 

4. To continue your design to be in trend, choose some sleek and modular furniture. Always prefer modular designs without wasting time on heavy-mounted designs. Designs like floating shelves, sliding door bookshelf, and many more you can visualize in the below picture which is on-trend and easy to use as well. Watch it out! 

5. Black is a real beauty. A black accent design with lighter shades of earthy color palettes is a great pattern. Any pattern with black creates a contrasting look that highlights your living area. In light fixtures, you can use black in your wall designs or furniture tools as well. Have a look at this pattern.

6. Creating a segregated area also comes under the trend. Starting from a cool coffee corner to a reading zone in your living space corner will furnish the look and amp up the versatility of your living designs too. You can design it by making it a complete multi-zone and multifunctional corner of your entire house. Look at this! 

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What are the Core Design Elements that go best with Your Living Room Ideas? 

  1. Colour
  2. Lighting
  3. Shape and Size
  4. Furniture
  5. Curtains and Carpets
  6. Window Decors
  7. Roofing
  8. Statement Pieces

These are the core design elements to make your space look perfect and stylish. Along with that, the cleanliness is important too for their maintenance too by searching “cleaning services near me”. What’s your take on this? 

Here are the 6 living room designs to style this summer season. As confusing as the decor is, never forget to style it as per the trend. For anything beyond your zone, there is always Techsquadteam

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