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7 Common Problems in Air Condition You Must Know for Effective Cooling

Have you faced an AC failure in the scorching heat? Trying to make it ready for effective cooling? It is quite irritating when you came to know that your AC is not working especially in the summer season. 

Air-condition is one of the most expensive and widely used electrical appliances. The demand for air conditioner increases, especially in the summer season. Right from homeowners to the owners of the commercial space they get AC installed to maintain a cool temperature from home to the workplace.

As AC is a heavy-duty electrical appliance it collects lots of dirt during operation. An accumulation of dust in the air filter and other electrical parts of AC, hampers the performance and reduces the cooling effect. However, if the homeowners can figure out the root cause of the problem they can easily find the solution and save lots of money in the long run. 

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Before the problem arises the owners need to know about the common problems that arise in the air conditioner.

Some of the common problems are mentioned below:-

(1.) Water leakage from AC

With access to humidity in the atmosphere, it is one of the most common issues that are reported widely by several people using AC for their homes or commercial space. Due to excess humidity in the atmosphere, the condensate drain is completely clogged. In case of leakage ask the technicians to solve the problem.

(2.) A problem in the Sensor

There are lots of electrical components that are used in AC. In these components, there is a thermostat sensor fitted behind the control panel. The sensor is responsible to measure the air temperature coming into the evaporation coil. The users need to take care that the sensor should not touch the coil. Maintaining distance is very important because touching the coil can cause a casualty.

(3.) Fault in the Operation

Improper operation of AC may cause trouble with inefficient cooling in the summer season. For best results make sure that there is an adequate supply of power. During the operation of AC make sure that you have closed all your doors and windows for effective cooling.

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(4.) Installation Problem

If your AC is not installed as per the directions there may be problems in the long run. While installing AC make sure that you follow every step in the right way. When AC is installed in the right slot it will give you an effective cooling for your home.

(5.) Leakage of Refrigerant and Filling

There are refrigerants responsible to variate the air temperature. But due to an error in the fitting of the valves and pipes, there is a leakage leading to a serious problem. In case of leakage refer to the technicians who are well experienced to handle these types of problems.

For filling refrigerants refer to professionals who provide AC repair services in Bhubaneswar. The experts will take care of the number of refrigerants present in the AC. A low amount of refrigerant leads to low performance and adds a lot to the electricity bills.

(6.) Lack of Maintenance

Often people never pay attention to AC maintenance. The presence of excess dust in the duct, refrigerant, power supply, and body affects the performance of the AC. For the best maintenance of AC, the owners can consult the best AC repair services in Bhubaneswar.

(7.) Fault in the Electrical Connection

Regular operations of AC cause interruptions in motor and compressors. The presence of moisture leads to corrosion of wires in other parts of the AC. In case of avoidance for a longer time, it may lead to degrading the performance of the AC and may utilize more electricity.

The Final Thoughts

Taking care of AC will help you save money on electric bills. As this is one of the most expensive electrical appliances the users need to learn to detect the above-mentioned problems for better results. Detecting the above-mentioned problems and time-to-time maintenance will help you increase the lifespan of AC.

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