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6 Advantages of Carpets You Should Know

We all want to design our home that is elegant, stylish, and comfortable. We buy all kinds of fixtures, lighting, showpieces, and whatnot. But when it comes to flooring, there is only one thing that provides both style and comfort for our feet and that is carpet. But sometimes we get confused while choosing the perfect piece of carpet that will look perfect with the color of the walls of your house. Carpets or rugs are the most popular choice for those who want clouds beneath their feet. They are versatile and suitable to meet every demand you want for your floor covering.

Carpets are luxurious and comfortable. Some carpets are so classy; you would feel royal just by walking on them. Such carpets need to be properly maintained and for that, you would require professional carpet cleaning services in Kolkata from time to time for deeper cleaning. Carpets have an unlimited range of designs, colors, materials, and sizes that can complement any room you want. If you haven’t considered carpets yet, here are 6 benefits that will change your thinking otherwise:

Improves Air Quality

Carpets can improve the air quality inside the room by retaining dust particles. Carpets capture the airborne particles and trap them in their fibers until you vacuum them. This is very beneficial for those who have dust allergies or asthma problems, or respiratory problems.

Studies have shown that wall-to-wall carpet flooring reduces dust particles in the air to half that of hardwood flooring. But, keep in mind to vacuum the carpets regularly, else the dust particles would keep on accumulating and make the carpets very dirty, and you would have to hire carpet cleaning services in Kolkata to properly clean them.


Hard floors are usually slippery, and someone could easily fall and be seriously injured. Carpets provide a smooth, non-slippery floor that prevents falling in the first place. This advantage is especially beneficial for those who have babies and kids.

Carpets of proper material lower the risk of injuries from slipping and falling. If you have long hallways and stairs where your kids like to run, a carpet would provide safety from any mishap or hazards.


One of the main reasons to have carpets is the comfort you get with them. Carpets are far more comfortable and soft to stand on than hard floors. In addition to walking, you can sit or lay on a carpet for hours without having any pain in your body.

Not only do carpets provide a softer touch to our skin, but the softness also gives it the flexibility to absorb some of the impacts your footsteps and body does. They are great to sit with your kids and play games or just have a fun session with your family. But be sure you have a clean carpet or you can just hire professional cleaning services in Kolkata to deep clean your carpet for you to enjoy time with your kids.


Carpets provide excellent insulation than any hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are not only chilly in the winter but also don’t hold any heat. The thick material of a carpet prevents excessive heat loss from the room, minimizing the use of artificial heaters.

If you have wall-to-wall carpet flooring, the warmth you get on colder days can save you the cost of a heater and its energy prices. With carpets, you will feel the warmth under your feet along with the softness.


There is an abundance of choices for carpets available in the market. With so many colors, designs, materials, thickness, etc. you can even have multiple carpets for different rooms fulfilling each purpose. You can have a soft, cushiony carpet for your kid’s room and a super classy one for your living room or you can choose one that complements your furniture.

Choosing the right color and design can change the decor of your room and add a new atmosphere. Patterned carpets can instantly make a boring and gloomy room, exciting. Some interior decorators choose carpets that go with their other furnishing. Carpets make the room pop up while maintaining practicality.

Sound Absorption

Carpets absorb much of the noise in the room, creating a quiet and more peaceful indoor environment. This advantage is beneficial for those who have a large family or are just noisy. The cushioning nature of a carpet absorbs vibrations and minimizes the spread of noise.

Being an important piece of art to your home, it is always preferred for residential as well as commercial purposes. With carpets, the footsteps get muffled along with other noises. It also helps to diminish loud banging from the upper floors. Along with style and comfort, noise minimization is another reason people prefer carpets.

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