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5 Types of Sofa Materials for your Home

A sofa is a big investment for an average household. And before investing in that you need to consider a few things to get the best quality products. It is going to stay with you for years and it going to be used, a lot. So, it is obvious that you would want a type of sofa that meets your entire requirement along with complementing the interior of the room. Along with the size and style, the quality of the fabric is among the most factors when purchasing a brand new sofa.

There are several types of sofa fabrics you can choose from, each having its own characteristics. A Particular fabric style is differentiated by its style, strength, and stain & fade resistance. And no matter what fabric you choose, you will need professional sofa cleaning services in Hyderabad from time to time to maintain it. So, here are the popular and best sofa fabric choices for you to choose from according to your practical and comfort needs:


Cotton is a natural fibre that is very commonly used to make sofas for several reasons. Cotton is a very cost-effective option for a sofa material and as cotton takes patterns and colours very well, it is very versatile. Cotton fabric for sofas comes in varieties of colours and patterns including leopard print to cabana stripes and indigo to white.

Cotton is very resistant to fading, which can be an added advantage if the sofa is going to be placed in direct sunlight. The one downside of cotton is it gets stained very easily, which is why you would need professional sofa cleaners in Hyderabad every now and then to preserve its newness.


Linen is an extremely strong natural fabric that is weaved more loosely than cotton. It is smooth, soft, and lustrous. Linen is very durable and naturally resistant to pilling, moths, and abrasion. It is a breathable fabric and is commonly used in Indian households.

The downgrade of linen is that it is less resistant to fading and stains. This would require you to avail professional cleaning services in Hyderabad to maintain its fabric. Good quality linen is resistant to mildew and naturally anti-microbial. It also doesn’t allow dust to settle easily, which makes it one of the most preferred sofa options.


A leather sofa screams luxury. Leather is classy, resistant to stains, sophisticated, and durable. From ultra-modern to traditional houses, the high versatility of a leather sofa makes it work in any kind of room and maintaining it with proper care is the toughest job. It grows softer with each use, and as it is resistant to allergens, it is best if anyone in your family has any allergies.

Leather is more expensive than regular fabrics. If you are working with a strict budget, you can consider less-expensive faux leather. Having a leather sofa increases the elegance of any room. It also comes in limited colours and patterns, but every style of a leather sofa speaks grandeur.


Velvet sofas are known for their comfort, silkiness, and rich texture. It feels very smooth to touch and feel velvet fabric. It takes colour really well, producing rich hues. The main downside of velvet sofas is, that it is expensive and stains very easily.

A velvet sofa in a home of regular use will need to be tightly weaved to endure everyday wear and tear. It feels very comfortable but is not recommended for those who have lots of kids and pets. For that, you need to look for those velvets which are woven of high-performance polyester that resists fading, staining, and high traffic.


Silk is a luxurious and soft sofa fabric, used widely to decorate the interior. It is a dream of every house owner that wishes for a formal setting. It has a very smooth texture which doesn’t allow dust to settle easily. The downside of silk is that it is low on elasticity for which it tends to get weak in sunlight.

It does not have a very good stain resistance and even retains certain watermarks. So, one has to take proper care of the fabric of a silk sofa. But nevertheless, a silk sofa is elegant and very smooth to crash on. If you have guests over frequently, you can show off a silk sofa.

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