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5 Tips to Maintain your Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioner (AC) is one of the most important and essential electrical appliances for our home. Air conditioners are essential as they help in producing cool air to give you a pleasant atmosphere inside your room that makes your sweaty summer relaxing. It can be very frustrating when you are longing for cool air but you don’t get any, especially during hot or humid conditions. An AC that is not maintained properly can malfunction to the point that it doesn’t perform effectively and starts consuming more energy.

Proper maintenance is required to keep your AC running efficiently and keep on c giving cool air. There are many ways homeowners can do to maintain their split or window, or any other type of AC they have installed in their home or workplace. Without maintenance, your AC functioning can go disrupted, in which case you must seek out the help of professional ac repair services in Bhubaneswar. But, for regular maintenance of your AC, here are a few tips that will work effectively:

Clean Air Filters Regularly:

Washing and cleaning the air filters of your AC at least once a month is probably the best way to maintain your AC.  Also, it is probably the easiest task of maintenance. The air filters in your AC stop the dust and dirt from coming into your room. But, they can only function effectively when they are kept clean.

When your air filters are dirty and contain excess particulate matter, not only can put extra pressure on the air conditioner but hamper the quality of air inside your room. It is very easy to clean the air filter. Just wash them down with water and let them dry for a few hours.

Keep Coils Cleaned:

Air conditioner coils are those parts that help the refrigerant absorb the heat from your room and cool it down. With time dust gets accumulated on it, preventing the coil to absorb less heat from the room. As a result, your AC has to consume more energy to properly cool your room. Outdoor condenser coils can also get dirty very quickly if the area is dirty. You can notice your coils are dirty when the fins start collecting dirt.

To avoid any strain on your AC always keep the coils clean. You should minimize the amount of dirt and debris near the condenser area. You can clean the outer surface of the coils easily. Some coils tend to be sharp, so it will be better to hire professional ac services in Bhubaneswar.

Unbend the Fins:

Every air conditioning unit has a condenser and evaporator. Both these parts have fins. Due to insufficient airflow, these fins could bend over time. You need to keep an eye on these fins to check if they are bent or not. If they are bent, you can use a fin comb to unbend or straighten them. Strain fins will make your air conditioner perform better.

Check Condensate Drain:

A condensate drain is an important part of the AC which allows the condensation/water created within the unit to drain out. If the drain is clogged, it will prevent the water to drain out, causing severe problems.

If you see the water is not draining properly, it’s time to take action and unclog the condensate drain. If you don’t want external help, you can occasionally pass a stiff wire down the drain to check if it’s clogged up or not.

Professional Maintenance:

Some check-ups can be done easily, like the above-mentioned ones. But with a busy schedule, you cannot give that much time to maintain your AC completely. So, a professional check-up every once in a while will ensure your AC is functioning correctly.

They will check the refrigerant, test for leaks, measure the airflow, make sure all the parts are working perfectly and the AC is constantly producing cool air, etc. They have the right expertise and experience in evaluating the working condition of your AC and save you a lot of money in the near future.

An AC is an integral part of the household in this generation. We cannot imagine surviving the scorching heat of the summer without an AC. So, it is inevitable that we take care of our ACs by ourselves or with the help of professionals. Make sure you check the parts according to the ways we discussed above.

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