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5 Tips to Maintain Clean Walls

You regularly mop your rooms, vacuum your furniture and clean the floors, but do you remember the last time you cleaned your walls? Because having beautiful flooring styles reminds the authentic aura of your entire house, but what about the discolored walls? Considering how much of a big part of our house they are and subject to so much dust and dirt, it is very important to keep all your walls clean to have a clean and fresh look of your home. If you recently had a party or function and the walls are so messy that you find it difficult to clean, we suggest you book professional cleaning services in Chennai for quick and effective cleaning.

Over time, walls can accumulate stains, dust, dirt, marks, etc. which will give the surface a dull appearance. To maintain clean walls you need to be very careful. Walls with different types of paints and finishes require special care while cleaning. The right kind of techniques will remove all the stains off the walls, maintaining a glossy look inside your house. Here we will discuss a few points to preserve your walls, without ruining your paint:

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Dust Regularly:

Sometimes the easiest way to keep your walls clean is to dust them regularly. Using a microfiber dust cloth is probably the best way to remove dirt, dust, and cobwebs that reduces the lifespan of the paint. You don’t need to take down any paintings, just dust your way around them, as pollution doesn’t harm that much with covered areas.

Do not forget to dust the ceiling, as some airborne dust can get collected on the walls due to gravity. It should take at least 10-15 minutes to dust an entire room along with vacuuming. You can also use various long brooms to dust t areas that you can’t easily reach.

Kitchen and Bathroom Walls:

Cleaning kitchen and bathroom walls can be tricky. Hard stains, grease, marks, etc. are all committed to these walls. Starting from the bottom, rub the walls gently with a sponge full of soap and water solution wash. Rinse a small area in the bottom and then move up slowly, meeting all the areas. Dry the areas with a towel and wash any wooden fixtures if present.

Avoid Furniture Sticking to Walls:

If the furniture is stacked upon the walls, dust and dirt will settle between them. Due to lack of space, you will also avoid these areas in your regular cleaning. With time, the dirt will keep on building damaging the walls further.

Make sure you leave at least 1 – 2 inches of space in between the furniture and the wall. You need to make sure your furniture is clean enough and the gap between the furniture and the wall is also tidy.

Keep Kids Away from Walls:

The major enemy of a clean wall might be kids. Within a few minutes, they are capable to turn a shiny wall into a wall with bad graffiti. They will draw on the walls, spill drinks, and just do everything that they are not supposed to.

One of the innovative solutions is to paint a part of the wall with chalkboard paint that will minimize the damage. Ask them to draw anything they want only on this part, which you can erase and wash away easily. 

No Hands on the Walls:

After a day out, you are covered in dust and dirt. Not just hands, you also need to avoid leaning or any kind of touching, until you are sure enough that it is clean. The dirt from your hair and hands may seem nothing at first, but eventually, it will turn bigger and bigger.

Dirt, dust, and sweat get stuck in the walls very easily and quickly. They are subtle but can create a huge impact in the long run. So you must watch out for dirty hands touching the walls, else you will be looking for another paint job very soon.

Knowingly and unknowingly we make our walls dirty and even don’t recognize it. Over time the walls get dirtier and dirtier. While subtle instances like kids drawing or something spilling is immediately noticeable, satins made with dirt are recognized afterward. Clean walls represent a clean house. Likewise, a clean house symbolizes a dust-free environment. We suggest you follow the points mentioned above to maintain a clean wall along with a clean interior.

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