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5 Precautionary Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Spread in Office

Most workplaces nowadays are shared places, sitting side by side, sharing the same facilities, including the air conditioner and bathroom. Until 2019, no one would have thought how easily infections are spread in shared places. But, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has shown us that workplaces can quickly become the most contagious places. Social distancing, wearing masks, personal hygiene, and sanitization have become new norms at the office as commercial cleaning and sanitization has become the crucial factor for the entire society.

The extended lockdowns have given offices a chance to get their premises disinfected and sanitized. The best way to get your office sanitized is to hire professional office sanitization services in Hyderabad. Sanitizing the whole office won’t guarantee the stopping of the virus; you still need to follow a few precautionary measures to stay away from this deadly disease. Here we have mentioned a few safeties and preventive measures everyone in the workplace should obey:

Clean Office:

Many offices skip the daily cleaning task, but you shouldn’t. All the shared places including bathrooms, kitchen, conference rooms, etc. need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

Professional commercial sanitization services in Hyderabad need to properly sanitize each and every corner of the office every now and then. A clean and sanitized office will reduce the risk of employees falling sick.

Take the help of Technology

The best way to do this is to give employees the option of working from home. This is the ultimate social distance a person can do without hampering one’s work. When the office re-opens, make sure you use technology for social distancing.

Initiate video meetings, rather than face-to-face meetings for the time being. You can have speaker phones with Bluetooth to address your messages to the employees. Provide employees with their personal phones and laptops where they do not have to share any device with others.

Focus on Shared Touch Zones

The virus spread from touching. It also stays active on other surfaces like metal, plastic, etc. for several hours. So, it is very important to wash/sanitize your hands if you touch a potential shared place.

On their way to work, several employees might take public transport, touch many viruses lingering surfaces, and might have come in contact with people carrying the virus. As an individual, not only in the office, you must immediately sanitize your hands after you have touched a shared area.

In the office, the key focus for cleaning should be on surfaces like door handles, switches, buttons, coffee machines, taps, phones, chairs, desks, etc. which are potential virus-spreading zones. Tell your professional sanitization services in Hyderabad staff to focus more on these areas, while they are at the work.

Limit Shared Equipment

To reduce the number of shared places in a workplace, management needs to limit the types of equipment and fixtures shared by the employees. This includes individual kitchen items, like a mug for hot drinks or a glass. You need to make sure employees are not sharing computer equipment like keyboards and mice. 

You also need to limit shared fixtures such as handles and switches. In place of door handles, you could install two-way doors that can be opened with a swing by pushing them with your elbows or foot.

If you can find the budget, you could install motion sensors for lights, to avoid switches. You can add sensors to the faucets so that one doesn’t have to touch the sink.

Safety Measures:

There should be certain simple safety measures included in the office premises. These include installing hand sanitizers near the entry and asking everyone incoming to use them before entering the office.  Everyone should also carry a personal hand sanitizer and keep them at the desk.

Thermal screening should be done for every employee near the entrance so that each and every employee entering is healthy. Social distancing should be practiced properly, even if it is parking lots, elevators, cafeterias, conference rooms, etc.

Make the rule of using face masks while inside the office. Each individual should follow proper respiratory hygiene norms and carry clean face masks or shields, as per their requirement.

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