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5 Places that you Easily Forget to Clean

According to a popular saying, “There is no place like home.” Our home is the personal space that is always close to our hearts and we like to keep it sanctified and hollowed. We like to keep our homes clean and tidy whenever we are hosting guests or for festivities but due to lack of time we usually discard the thought of cleaning our home regularly. Because festivals are the only celebrations usually people unite in one place and keeping the house clean is the foremost thing one should care about. And in case we do get the time during our weekends, we are not able to do a detailed home cleaning of our house. Normally, we dust the shelves, clean the furniture and sweep or mop the floor but what about the spaces in between the cobwebs and the floor. There are many hard-to-reach and less obvious areas in our home that accumulate dust and germs and still, we simply forget to clean them up.

Let’s look into those few forgotten spaces which we need to look after in terms of regular home cleaning.

Wall skirts –

In most of our modern houses, there is skirting in the wall to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. Wall skirts accumulate as much dirt as the floors but we skip the wall skirts and sweep the floors. Next time, you can dust off the wall skirts before cleaning your floor so that you can avoid a deep cleaning situation on all four.

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Under the bed –

We all like to keep our bedroom sparkling clean because we love to sleep without dust and germs and get healthy rest. But we always forget to clean under the bed. We also forget that dust accumulation can result in respiratory problems and invite dust mites into your bedroom. So put in just a little effort to sleep and breathe easy.

Trash Bins –

We use the trash cans either directly or by using bin bags to hold the waste inside and throw it away along with the bag. But using the trash bin directly or using a bin bag, have you ever considered how many germs are procreating in the garbage and along with it in the trash can? Well, the answer is millions and even using a bin bag is not enough to get rid of them. Wash the trash bin with hot water and some phenyl every time you empty your bin bag.

Throw pillows –

Everyone cleans up the pillows and the pillow covers in your bedroom along with the sheets but what about the throw pillows? Surely, you always forget about them. Being used once in a while makes them pretty much invisible. But the amount of germs and dust that they accumulate over time and due to neglect is incomprehensible.

Remote Controls –

May it be your television remote or air conditioner remote, you like to keep them close to you whenever you are relaxing at home. In the meantime, all the sticky snacks that you eat and lick your fingers are piled up on your remote every time you eat something and use the remotes without washing your hands. Cleaning your remotes with a disinfectant frequently is always advisable.

There are so many other places that accumulate dirt and germs. With so many tiny places and so little time for you to clean up, you can always call up professional service providers of deep home cleaning services in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam to help you with a thorough cleaning of your home and give you that fresh smell of homeliness back. Just call us on 07795001555 or visit our website at for booking an appointment right now.

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