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5 Most Popular Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is basically the heart of the house which acts as a gathering spot for friends and family during a party or get-together. It’s where our food is prepped and prepared. So it’s our prior responsibility to go for deep cleaning and maintain it all the time. As the kitchen serves a lot of purposes, it’s our duty to make it as resourceful and efficient as possible. Designing a kitchen is not an easy task, nor cleaning it. But you can always hire techsquadteam for effective kitchen cleaning services in Hyderabad. Whether you have a small or large area, a clever design will make the most out of your kitchen space.

Designing a kitchen is not an easy task. You have to make many small decisions that will impact the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen. The biggest decision among those will be the design of the kitchen. With so many layouts to choose from, you need to choose the one that will come in your budget and tick every box of necessity such as house size, cooking needs, wall arrangement, etc. So here are the popular kitchen designs which you can choose from:

L-Shaped Kitchen:

The L-shaped kitchen design is most common nowadays as it can easily adjust to any house model. This design is made with two adjacent kitchen walls meeting at a corner, just like an “L”. These walls will consist of cabinets and appliances needed for the kitchen.

An L-shaped kitchen is great for studio apartments or open houses. It is also ideal for large families as it can be entertaining to be open to the living room.

U-Shaped kitchen:

A U-shaped kitchen layout is made by joining 3 adjacent walls that form the letter “U”. This shape is more versatile and provides a lot of cabinet space. A U-shaped kitchen is recommended for those who like to cook more often. This shape can fit into small, medium, or large kitchen rooms.

This design provides lots of cabinet space, so if you are not careful, the kitchen can feel cramped or cluttered. We recommend not having upper cabinets on all three walls; rather build a window to let the natural light in. This kitchen design doesn’t entertain lots of guest inside it, so if you cook alone, it is perfect for you.

One Wall Kitchen:

A one-wall or single-wall kitchen design is best for those who have less kitchen space. You can find this design commonly in studio apartments, garage apartments, and single-bedroom apartments. All the cabinets, cooktop, and appliances are included on the single wall.

With only a single wall, you need to make sure you use every inch of it. As you lack horizontal space, you can maximize your cabinet space vertically and find separate places for refrigerators and dishwashers. Due to its compact design, you might not often need professional cleaning services in Hyderabad.

Island Kitchen:

The island kitchen design has a countertop not attached to the main kitchen area. It is like a centerpiece that can be accessed from all sides. The island countertop can be made of a small table or a larger elaborated table having a sink and cabinets.

This island design can fit into any kind of other design including L-shaped, U-shaped, and even single-wall kitchens. You can use the island to dine, have drinks with your friends, or prep the food. This island concept gives your regular kitchen design a new dimension and acts as a great barrier while entertaining guests.

Galley Kitchen:

The galley or parallel kitchen design is made of two parallel-facing walls. It is great for those having less to no kitchen area and can use a galley or corridor to make their kitchen. You can be very creative while designing this. You can evenly distribute your appliances on both walls or make one wall for cabinets and the other for cooking.

As this kitchen is situated in a corridor-like place, you can’t fit many people inside it. It works better if there is minimum traffic in your kitchen. Galley kitchen tends to be the most optimized design when it comes to using the space.

All of these kitchen layouts can work very well if you make the most use of the space available. When it comes to the kitchen, you need to properly design it as you have to fit a lot of cabinets and appliances together. To maintain its hygiene, every now and then you have to hire techsquadteam as they have the best kitchen cleaners in Hyderabad. Be it small or large space, a good kitchen design makes the whole house look sophisticated and elegant.

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