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5 Effective methods for Termite Treatment

Controlling pest infestation in our home is extremely important to ensure a safe and healthy environment. While there are so many types of pests that can be found in our house, termites are the ones that cause the most damage to properties that requires expensive repairs. If you come across any signs regarding a termite infestation in your house, be sure to conduct an inspection and treatments from professional termite pest control services in Hyderabad. You may come across many companies providing the treatments, but choosing the right one will give you enormous benefits.

Just like any other pest treatment, there are multiple methods to eradicate the termites from your home. However, termite prevention is very much essential to keep your house safe and clean. Individual treatments are done according to the severity of the termite situation. It is very important to identify the correct species of termite and use the appropriate treatment. The crew of termite control services in Hyderabad of TechSquadteam use suitable products that are effective and safe. These professionals use their knowledge to apply the correct treatment according to the situation, let’s see what the treatments they use are:

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Pesticide Treatment:

This is a widely used and most effective method to treat termites and other kinds of pest infestation. With many new practices being followed for treatments, using pesticides still brings better results. Professionals nowadays are using organic and environment-friendly chemicals and pesticides to treat a termite infestation.

The pesticide is directly sprayed or poured into the infested wood or ground. The professionals drill holes into the infested area, use the pesticide, and seal the hole completely. As a result, the termites are trapped and get killed within a short period of time.

Soil Treatment:

Termites mostly are present in the grounded areas, where they travel from place to place in sear of food. So, using soil treatment can be one of the most useful methods for their eradication. You have to use pesticides on the specific ground where you are affirmative about the presence of termites.

You can cover those areas of the house with pesticides which you think the termites enter your house. When all the paths are covered, it will prevent the termites from the soil and grounds to enter your home and damage the foundation.

Bait Treatment:

If the pesticides are not working the way you want them to, you can use the bait technique to trick the termites. You can set up baits around your house, or on the grounds you know about their presence, to attract the termites. These baits consist of termite-killing chemicals, which the termites will eat and get killed.

There is a lot of research going on in improving bait treatment for termites. You can also use these baits around the colonies of termites and kill them in bulk. The prominent ingredients of the baits include hexaflumuron, chlorofluazuron, trioxide, or noviflumuron, which are very effective in killing termites.

Temperature/Electronic Sensitive Treatment:

It is a fact that pests are very sensitive to temperature. A drastic change in temperature will kill them right away without much effort. Once they are exterminated, you can use your vacuum to get rid of them. If the termites have infested any of your furniture, you can use extremely hot or cold temperatures to kill them.

The use of electronic and microwave conduct can also kill the termites in your dry wood furniture or small wooden fixtures. The only drawback to this technique is that it is not long-lasting. You have to frequently check for their return and re-infestation.

Pre-Construction Treatment:

It is a technique applied before constructing your home. The layer of soil which is in immediate contact with the foundation and floor structure is treated with effective chemicals. The chemicals are applied on both sides and top layers of the foundation channel.

Pre-construction termite treatment is the best preventive measure against termites. And trust me, it is the best and the easiest way to control the termites. Barriers like furniture and walls are not present, so there is no risk of any property damage. It is also less expensive than the treatments of post-construction.

Though termites do not spread any diseases among humans, they are a nuisance to the house. The damage done by them to the wooden structures can cost you a fortune. And the worst part is, that you may not know about a termite infestation until there is some visible damage. So, the next time you see a termite or any pest infestation in any part of your house, be sure to hire TechSuqadteam for effective pest control services in Hyderabad.

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