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5 Common Problems with Split AC and their Solutions

Living without an air conditioner during summer is impossible. Because Summer in India is very suffocating and the heat makes you sweaty and intolerable. An air conditioning system removes moisture and hot air inside a room and restores them with cool air. But after winter, when you turn on the AC, you may find some problems with it. So, a precautionary measure and appropriate residential air conditioning maintenance can release you from the uncomfortable, sweaty day and you can live happily with your family and friends.

Hence, here we are providing 5 common split Air conditioner problems and different ways to deal with them.

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Top 5 split AC system problems

1. Refrigerant leakage in Split AC

Refrigerant leakage is the most common issue with Split AC. The refrigerant or AC gas works as the lead character in providing chill air into the room. If the split AC is not working correctly, the first question comes to mind is if the refrigerant is working or not? Since the refrigerant is stored under high pressure, all the curves and joints in the copper pipe are under constant stress. Due to humidity, these copper pipes may get weak and develop leakage holes. Hiring a professional to solve the leakage issue is a wise idea. The split AC technician knows all the techniques to supervise such problems and resolve them within no time.

2. Thermostat glitches

If the thermostat of your split AC is not working or if it is incorrectly calibrated, then the AC may not start. If you have set the thermostat to the lowest temperature setting and the AC still doesn’t start, then it is the right time to call the professional split AC repair services in Bangalore who will replace or recalibrate the thermostat. You can numerous reliable split AC service companies in Bangalore. So, before conducting any repair on the AC, kindly consult your thermostat manual to make sure you have properly programmed the thermostat.

3. The AC doesn’t blow cool air

If the split AC is not blowing chill air, then first make sure that the thermostat is set to the minimum temperature, i.e., below 5°C or less than the room temperature. You can also check the cooling effect by decreasing the temperature further. If you find completely no difference in the output after 10-15 minutes, then carefully clean the dirt in the evaporator or condenser.

4. Mold in the Air Conditioner

Molds are a type of fungi that generally grow in humid temperatures. Split Ac systems have an ambient temperature which helps mildew to grow. But, breeding of fungi inside the AC can not only damage its machines but also lead to various health issues. So, it is better to deal with the matter at the earliest. To solve these kinds of concerns with your split AC, contact an air conditioner service specialist from a reliable service provider like TechSquadTeam immediately.

5. The Ac won’t turn on

You will feel broken when you turn on the air conditioner, and you will hear nothing and feel nothing. The lack of electricity can be the reason which has blown the fuse, or a tripped circuit breaker can be the reason for the AC not turning on. You need to reset the circuit breaker or replace a blown fuse.

So, here you get to know that conducting an air conditioning troubleshooting exercise can prevent these problems. Though hiring professional split AC repair in Bangalore is one takeaway from air conditioner problems, then it should be done at the earliest to prevent huge future losses.

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