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5 Benefits of Split Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, a split air conditioner (AC) is split into two parts. One is the outdoor unit, which is a compressor and condenser; another is the indoor unit, which is an air handling unit. The two units are connected with condenser tubes or refrigerant lines. Unlike other AC units, which comprise all the components into one cabinet, split AC requires two parts. They are also not mounted in the window or on the ceiling.

Choosing the right AC for your home is not as easy as it sounds. You need to take into account multiple important factors before choosing the one that fits. But, one thing is for sure, whenever your AC shows any unusual activity or needs repair, you call hire techsquadteam for the best AC repair Services in Bhubaneswar. There are many types of AC available such as window AC, ceiling AC, portable AC, etc. But split ACs have gained more popularity than any other and even now, most homeowners opt for split AC rather than any other. So, here are the benefits of a split AC that has made it the most opted air conditioner:

Easy Installation

Unlike the traditional ACs, split AC is much easier to install as they require absolutely no ductwork. Only about a 3-inch diameter of the gap is required to connect the indoor and the outdoor unit. Even if both the units are separated by 100 feet, they can still be connected. Through this gap, the copper tubing and control wings are passed for the connection.

After this is done, the only thing left is to mount the indoor unit and create an electrical line. The installation is also very cost-effective as very few modifications are required. Techsquadteam’s split AC services in Bhubaneswar provide quick and precise installation.

Energy Efficient

Central ACs lose a lot of energy due to ductwork, and leaky ducts can lead to a loss of up to 30% of the cooling capacity. Energy efficiency problem arises when you have uninsulated ductwork or if the ductwork has been installed in unconditioned places.

As the split AC is completely ductless, it saves most of the energy and reduces the cost of the electricity bills in the future. They are also great for those rooms which don’t have proper ventilation or airflow, as they can cool a room with very low consumption of energy. In some cases, split AC can attend about double the cooling capacity than ACs having ductwork.

It Is Very Quite

Traditional AC tends to create noise due to the condenser and fan, especially window AC. sometimes the noise is so loud, that you can barely have a conversation inside the room. As the compressor & condenser of a split AC is placed outside, there is bare minimum noise from the air handler placed inside.

The compressor of split AC can be kept as far as 100 feet from the indoor unit, which makes it the ideal AC for classrooms, libraries, boardrooms, bedrooms, etc. Keeping the room cool with as little noise as possible is one of the best advantages of split AC.

Easy Maintenance

We are not saying that split AC is low maintenance, but split ACs can be maintained very easily unlike other AC types. The filters which require periodic washing are easily detachable and can be separately washed.

The outdoor unit is designed in such as way that a professional from techsquadteam, which provides ac services in Bhubaneswar, can easily open and operate on them for any maintenance or repair.


There are many models of split AC that work on saving energy and cost, such as an inverter AC. these AC use less power and work more efficiently when you want them to cool specific areas of the house. The indoor unit has the ability to distribute its air, saving energy and money.

Splits ACs can also work through solar power, which is another advantage for those who use solar panels to generate electricity for their house. It also has many options according to the climate and cooling you require such as cool, dry, and only fan.

Moreover, Techsquadteam thrives to deliver the best AC services near your locality. The team of professional technicians ensures the utmost quality service with reliability and cost-effectiveness. So make sure you choose the right service provider for your desired requirement. 

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