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5 Amazing Benefits of Waxing

One cannot justify beauty with a single treatment to change the complete makeover. You need to concentrate on your face, body, and hair to give a unique touch to your change. Considering various beauty services, waxing is one of them. Waxing is a quick and effective way of removing body hair. It lasts longer than shaving and provides better results. Waxing can remove unwanted hair in large amounts and targeted areas, making it a good option for hair removal. It is a semi-permanent hair removal method where wax is used to remove hair from its roots. It will reduce the amount of hair you have over a period of time and make it finer and less dense. During this lockdown, it is very difficult to avail of salon services, so you must opt for in-house beauty services for waxing services at home.

Waxing is very effective but also a little bit painful. But, it is a small amount of pain that is tolerable and the end effect is amazing. When you wax, you will be pulling the hair from the roots which will take them longer to re-grow. Waxing can be done to any part of your body, even the eyebrows. In fact, waxing is an easy and quick way to keep your eyebrows in shape.

Keeping aside the pain, waxing not only provides hair removal, but it also has many other benefits, such as:


During waxing, your hair is pulled from its roots, making your skin smooth for a long period of time. While shaving only removes hair to the surface, in this way, the time taken for root hair re-growing till it reaches the surface of the skin is longer.  It usually lasts for more than 4 weeks, ample time for your next waxing appointment. Once you start waxing, you will definitely see less re-growth for a long period of time and this is probably the biggest advantage you could get from waxing.

Finer Re-growth:

It’s not only that waxing causes the re-growth slower; it also makes the re-growth finer. While shaving, you remove the hair to the surface, which is a blunt cut. Hairs aren’t naturally blunt, which is why the re-growth feels stiff. But with waxing, the hair is removed from the roots or follicle, which means the new hair, is re-grown with a finely tampered end.  Even after few weeks of waxing, the hair grown is a lot finer and you don’t feel much hair like you used to after shaving.

It is like Exfoliation:

Exfoliating refers to the removal of dead skin cells from the surface to prevent outbreaks, dryness, and blemishes. During waxing, your skin gets exfoliated as a part of its process. The waxed area is clean, smooth, radiant, and fresh.

Also, this is not the traditional way of exfoliating the skin. We recommend exfoliating your skin a few days before your waxing appointment for better results. Also, you should not exfoliate your skin 2 days before or after the waxing, as it will make your skin more sensitive.

Less Ingrown Hair:

With shaving, ingrown hair can cause problems. It looks bad and is painful.  At its worst, it can get infected and leave a scar. A professional beautician ensures that the wax strips are removed in the best way possible to prevent the risk of ingrown hair, which is fast strip removal whilst the skin is held tightly. If you are normally prone to the growth of ingrown hair, tell your beautician. You can even moisturize or exfoliate your skin two days after the appointment.

No More Itching or Irritation:

Those who shave have experienced itching immediately afterward. The itching is then intensified when the hair starts to re-grow. Itchiness can be irritating and will cause your skin to be brittle. But, with waxing, you will experience a sting at the time, but that’s it. You will be having no itching for a longer period of time.

Shaving uses removal creams and gels, which can contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin texture. The wax that is used for the waxing process doesn’t have any extra chemicals or ingredients that will cause irritation or allergies. With trained professionals, the only thing waxing can cause is little to no temporary redness in the waxed area.

There are numerous benefits to going for waxing rather than any other hair removal method. It lasts longer for about 4 – 6 weeks and when the hair is re-grown, it is smoother and finer. With repeated waxing procedures, over time, the hair may stop growing back altogether, giving you a more scattered and finer coverage of hair.


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