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4 Types of Chemical Hair Straightening Techniques

Women love to do hairdos and other skincare services when they find the best time for themselves. Most women want their hair to be glossy, sleek, and fizz-free. This is why hair straightening is still one of the most popular hairstyles women like to go for. Hair straightening is a method of hairstyling where the hair is flattened using various techniques to get a streamlined and sleek appearance. These techniques include keratin treatment, using a flat iron, Japanese technique, etc.

Nobody wants their hair to be messy, which will require a lot of care. Many decide to change their hairstyle to easily manage their hair. Hair straightening is probably the easiest and most effective way to achieve that.  We all know how gorgeous straight hair looks and how easily it can be controlled. When you get hair straightening services in Bhubaneswar from techsquadteam, they will tell you how to manage it properly. There are several techniques you can choose that can make your hair straight. Some of the popular hair straightening techniques are:

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a natural protein found in our hair, which not only makes our hair shiny and healthy but also helps in giving it a straight texture. Due to age or changes in our diet, sometimes the keratin level drops, causing our hair to be frizzled, tangled, and damaged.

Keratin or otherwise known as Brazilian blowout treatment is done by applying a coat of chemicals to your hair, whose main component is keratin. This will help give your hair a smooth and silky shine. Then a hair straightener is used to fix that chemical with your hair. It is left for an hour and then the hair is washed and blow-dried. You also have to return after a day or two for a hair wash and then you will have soft, smooth, and straight hair.

Many hairstylists recommend this method for hair straightening as it requires more mild chemicals than other methods. It can reduce your frizzled hair to 80% and lasts up to 20 – 30 washes. You can get this treatment from techsquadteam’s hair care services in Bhubaneswar.

Japanese Treatment

If you want the ultimate straight hair look, no matter how messy or curly your hair is, the Japanese treatment or thermal reconditioning method is perfect for you. Like keratin treatment, this method will also use chemicals, but a lot stronger. This treatment alters the hair to be straight chemically by breaking down the natural bonds and realigning it to be straight.

This is the optimal technique for those who have extraordinarily curly, frizzy, and thick hair. This process lasts until new hair grows. So, after mostly 5 – 6 months, you could get your old hairstyle back. However, you can re-book techsquadteam for beauty services in Bhubaneswar for touch-ups, so that your hair remains straight.

Hair Rebonding Treatment

Another method to make your wavy or curly hair straight is the hair rebonding treatment. In this method, the natural bonds are broken and the protein structure on your hair rebounds to give you straight hair. Just like Japanese treatment, this also uses chemicals and heat to do the work. In this method, a chemical is applied to the hair and kept for 20 – 30 minutes, and then washed. A hair straightener is used to rebond the hair that the chemical altered. This process is repeated according to the structure and thickness of your hair and could take 5 – 8 hours of time.

Post this treatment; do not apply oil, color, or heat to your hair. It is usually expensive that rest treatments and lasts longer than hair smoothening, approx. 6 – 12 months. However, this treatment could damage your hair if done repeatedly, so do not do it more often.

Hair Relaxing

Similar to other treatments, hair relaxation also uses chemicals and heat to straighten the hair. The chemical or relaxers used in this method breaks the disulfide and hydrogen bonds (these two bonds hold your hair together), and a hair straightener is used to reconfigure the hair to be straight.

This is a less expensive, permanent hair straightening method that lasts at least 3 months. But, if you have delicate or extra-curly hair, or you chemically processed your hair before, there is a huge risk of mass hair damage or overstretching of the hair shaft.

Make your hair straight with these techniques to get some phenomenal results for your hair growth. Always keep in mind that it’s not forever, it’s only the one wheel-of-life of your hair. So it’s in your hand whether you want to add some good texture to your hair or leave it like a dry deadly broom.

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