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4 Surprising Dirty Places in an office

The dirtiest places in an office or workplace are often those which are overlooked. Some of these areas are those which you use every day, so you may think how can this place be the dirtiest? You may think, due to regular use they might be clean every day, but especially those areas can be pretty dirty in the entire office premises and providing a dust-free environment in the office is very much crucial. An office is a place where lots of people come and go. So, due to health concerns of the employees, impressing the clients or visitors, it is very important to keep each area of the office absolutely clean.

Most companies do everything they can to keep their offices place clean. Sometimes they even book professional office cleaning services in Hyderabad for deep cleaning. Germs are attracted to unclean environments. If the employees come in contact with these germs, they are bound to fall ill, resulting in lesser productivity. We all know, that bathrooms and kitchen/pantry tend to be the dirty areas in any office, but there are some unnoticed places that are also equally dirty.

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Let’s check out what these areas are:

The Desk

Most offices have desk jobs where employees sit and work for a considerable amount of the day. It might sound unbelievable but your desk might be dirtier than a toilet seat. The average unclean desktop has been found of having more than 21,000 viruses and bacteria per square inch.

Germs travel by our hands moving from different objects. So, it is necessary to have a clean desk and all equipment present on your desk. Wash your hands before coming to your desk or keep a hand sanitizer on your desk.

Phone and Computer

Along with your desk, your computer and desk phone is the most touching pieces of equipment in the office. Also, these two are the most neglected objects while disinfecting and cleaning. If a person has a cold or cough, they can transfer those germs directly to the computers and phones in front of them easily.

If you eat at your desk, the food crumbs and sticky fingerprints could attract many germs. You can use electronics-friendly disinfectant wipes to clean a few times a day. Use cotton swabs to clean between keys of the keyboard. When you book techsquadteam for commercial cleaning services in Hyderabad, we take care of each and every piece of equipment and corner.

The Coffee Maker:

The coffee maker is also one of the most neglected items during office cleaning. This equipment doesn’t often get cleaned at home let alone in the office. It is one of the germiest items inside any office as it is touched by several people. It is also a favorite place for bacteria as they like damp and dark places.

If the coffee maker doesn’t come with a self-cleaning option, have someone clean it regularly. Fill the water reservoir of the coffee maker with 4 cups of vinegar and let it sit for at least half an hour. Add water and run the machine till the smell of the vinegar is gone. Also, do not forget to wipe clean the sugar and cream canister too.

Elevator Buttons

Most of the big offices have elevators which are used by most of the employees. The buttons of the elevators are pressed a lot by a lot of different people. People who have dirty hands or have come directly from the bathroom without washing their hands.

As soon as they touch the buttons, the germs are transferred to that surface. Now, if those buttons are not cleaned regularly, think about how many germs are spread in a short period of time. You can use sanitizers before pressing a button or have them pressed by your elbow or a cotton pad.

Keeping the office clean will ensure a healthy workforce and increases the morale of the employees. A hygienic and sanitized workplace resembles the type of business you provide. With the coronavirus pandemic, it has become important to keep your surroundings clean and sanitized. You can book techsquadteam for the best cleaning services in Hyderabad. The expert and experienced cleaners will leave no corners and equipment unclean. Remember, your business thrives on the employees and clients, and pleasing them is your duty. So, always maintain a healthy and sanitized office environment.

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