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4 Signs that Indicates a Bed Bug Infestation / Techsquad Team

4 Signs that Indicates a Bed Bug Infestation / Techsquad Team

By TechSquadTeam .     July 02, 2018

Do you think bed bugs only reside in the mattresses? These small pests that feed by sucking blood from humans or animals can live in any place inside your home with crevices and cracks. Bed bugs are a headache for every homeowner, landlord, and tenant. It is believed that an early detection is crucial to prevent a bed bug infestation by hiring a professional bed bug pest control service.

Here are some important signs that indicate the presence of the destructive pests- bed bugs and tell about the infestation level:

1. Reddish Itchy Bite Marks:

It is seen that people don’t consider bed bugs to be a problem until the pesky pests have left their mark. These types of pesky pests are nocturnal creatures, which are hard to spot during the daytime. If you find reddish itchy spots on your shoulders, legs, hands or neck, then there is a possibility of bed bug infestation in your home. The bed bug bites are painless but cause itchiness throughout the day and at times lead to an infestation.

2. Presence of Excrement, Eggs or Body Fluids:

The most likely areas for bed bugs are mattresses, bed frames, bedding, box spring sets, and recliners. If you find the presence of rust-colored, red or black stains on the mattresses and dried blood or fecal material, egg/egg shells and yellowish larvae, then it indicates a sign of bed bug infestation.

3. Unusual Clustering:

Bed bugs are remarkably tiny creatures that are fully capable of lodging themselves in a variety of places in a cluster form. You can check the wall fixtures, hangings small cracks (in the ceiling), screws and bolts and the areas surrounding electrical appliances to ensure no unusual clustering is found. Finding any signs of unusual in these areas can indicate an extreme infestation.

4. Experience of a Strong Musty Odor:

Do you experience a strong musty odor? One of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation is a strong musty odor or an unpleasant smell like a wet towel. These pesky creatures release pheromones and the smell can be quite strong when the bed bugs are in large number.

A bed bug infestation requires you to get the assistance of experienced pest exterminators to get the best results. You can contact TechSquadTeam to book a professional bed bug pest control service in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar or in any other cities to get the highest standard of service at an affordable price. Our pest exterminators are highly skilled and well-trained to deliver superior quality bed bug pest control service.

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