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4 Common Health Problems Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been wreaking havoc on humans for more than 2 decades now. Though they are not recorded to transmit any severe diseases, they are however responsible for many health problems such as itching and allergies. Bed bugs hide in our furniture and are active mostly during the night. To avoid this uneven situation, we need to find the best possible ways to restrict the bedbug’s entry into our home. As our defence is weak during the night, you can be bitten by the bed bugs over 500 times if you have a serious infestation. If you are absolutely sure that you have bed bugs in your house, hire TechSquadTeam for the best bed bug control services in Kolkata.

Controlling bed bugs can be challenging as they travel easily and reproduce very quickly. A professional bedbug removal service should be involved aggressively to stop their spread. When you are bitten by a bed bug, it is usually painless. While biting, the bed bugs release an anaesthetic agent that numbs the biting area. Severe health problems from bed bug bites can occur in those having a weaker immune system such as children and the elderly. Each person reacts differently to bed bugs, some may show severe problems, and some might not feel a thing. Nevertheless, you must know the health complications that can arise with bed bugs:

The Bite:

The bed bug bites are the first thing noticeable to us. You might get your sleep hampered with the ongoing biting during the night. The truth is, you can hardly feel a bed bug bite due to the numbing agent they release around the area. You won’t even know you are being bitten by a bed bug until a few days.

These bites look reddish-brown and it itches. Sometimes you won’t be able to tell the difference between a bed bug bite as other insects bite too. Bed bugs do not have special patterns but you can notice a line formation in their bites. Bites are harmless irritation, but some people may have allergic reactions that can cause skin infection, blistering, and hives near the bite mark.

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Though the rare, severe infection can occur due to a bed bug bite. While the bed bugs do not transmit any diseases, infections can occur as a result of broken skin from itching on the bite mark. Due to this, infections caused by bed bugs are considered to be secondary infections.

 However, bacterial infections from bed bugs including ecthyma, impetigo, and lymphangitis can pose serious risks as they are related to staph infections that can be serious. These infections from bed bugs will need to be treated by a doctor and may require bacterial antibiotics.


One of the biggest ways bed bugs can cause health problems is by hampering your sleep. People having bed bug problems will be awake at night due to itching, discomfort from biting, or any infection due to the bites. The lack of sleep will have an adverse effect on your health and make each day awful.

Multiple sleepless nights can have significant risks to your health. Lack of sleep will generate severe mental problems like depression, anxiety, confusion or brain fog, and in extremely rare cases psychosis. This is why you need professional pest control services in Kolkata to properly exterminate these bugs.


With few health and mental issues, bed bugs can also have an emotional impact too. Many people experience different types of emotions including anxiety about handling the bed bug infestation. How to protect one’s family from these bed bugs, how to recover from the damages done by the bugs, etc. can make a person feel overwhelmed.

Anxiety can come from various sources and not only from a bed full of bed bugs. Some may feel anxiety regarding their social stigma among their peers and the perception that bed bugs signify an unhygienic home. While bed bugs are very common, the fact that you will be spreading them can make a person fall into anxiety.

Now that you know about the health risks bed bugs possess, you would want to eliminate them as soon as possible. You can take precautionary measures like, checking your luggage while travelling, checking for blood stains on mattresses or pillows, etc. The quicker you take action against them, the better it is. While there are many DIY methods to eradicate them, they do not guarantee efficient elimination. The moment you recognize a bed bug infestation, you need to call TechSquadTeam for effective extermination. The quicker you take action against them, the better it is.

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