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Top 5 reasons why you should hire professional painters

By TechSquadTeam    Jan 08, 2019

Do you want to give your house the right makeover? Are you feeling confused about choosing the best pattern and suitable colors for your walls? If

5 things that attract termites to your home

By TechSquadTeam    Jan 07, 2019

Termites are widespread insects and well known for their ability to build colonies every single second. Termites are furtive and devious by nature.

5 professional cleaning tips for your sofa

By TechSquadTeam    Jan 04, 2019

We have already stated that a clean sofa and upholstery doesn’t mean you won’t fall sick, you will feel healthier. Although a good sofa

Reliable Water Tank Cleaning Service in Bangalore

By TechSquadTeam    Jan 04, 2019

What will you do if one day you will see muddy water coming from your kitchen tap? Suddenly you will feel helpless and get nervous thinking what to

Benefits of Hiring Professional Car Cleaning Service in Bangalore

By TechSquadTeam    Dec 22, 2018

Bangalore is otherwise famous for its jam-packed roads and traffics. We are pretty sure that how your life would be in this overflowing traffic. So

Different kinds of pests and their expert control and supervision

By TechSquadTeam    Dec 18, 2018

After a tired and hectic office schedule, when you return home, you want to sit in peace for some time & to enjoy your loved one’s compan