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10 Top Tips for Prevention of Termites

Termites are also known as silent killers because of their ability to destroy your property without anyone’s knowledge. Are they responsible for your loss? Well, YES! They are responsible for severe damage to your wooden furniture or property. Termites are the ideal workers because they can work for twenty-four hours and seven days a week and attack wooden structures all year round. The only way the termite can stop attacking your wooden structures is either when the cellulose content in the wooden item is lost or when the surrounding temperature is below freezing or if they die. Termites love to operate in dampness and humidity and Bangalore happens to be one of the tropical cities where humidity is prevalent. 

Now you might ask is there no way to control these termites? Of course, there are various ways to stop these pesky insects from chewing away your precious furniture or wooden structures. The simplest and most relevant one is hiring a professional termite control service in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam and enjoying a hassle-free and quick termite control solution. But if you are one of those do-it-yourself people and want to give termite control a try and see for yourself few tips help you.

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Let’s see each of them below.

  1. Keep a steady temperature inside the house. You cannot control the humidity outside but eliminating the moisture from inside the house can put a stop to termite breeding inside.
  2. Any kind of water leakage inside the house can result in dampness and make an attraction point for the termites. So, it’s necessary to repair any leaking faucets, water pipes, or dripping AC units.
  3. Fix any damaged corridor railings or windows or any wooden structure that is exposed to the elements and coat it with some paint.
  4. Repair any damaged water stripping or mortar on the walls, especially near windows and doors which might be the gateway for these creatures to enter your house.
  5. Divert any kind of water contact directly on the house like a gutter, drainage, puddles, etc.
  6. Inspection of the foundation of the house routinely as termites can build tunnels of mud from the foundation itself to reach the upper floors. Any uneven paint job or hollow-sounding wood could have been attacked by these irksome creatures for making a safe passage into the interior.
  7. In case you have old housing where the beams were made from wood, you need to double-check on these holding for safety.
  8. There should always be a gap between any wooden portion in your house and the soil.
  9. Professional help can be taken annually to inspect and find out if there is any termite damage to your property.
  10. If you have an outhouse or temporary quarter or any wooden item or structures near your house, try to maintain a certain distance. You can maintain at least a distance of 20 feet.

After all, this, if you still face problems with termites, you can always call up our experts in termite extermination in Bangalore who would be happy to help you. Just book your appointment according to your timing on 07795001555 or visit our website for great service at affordable pricing. 

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