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10 Different Ways to Starve Out the Cockroaches

The cockroach is one of the ancient organisms living with us today. They date back to the Carboniferous Period which can be estimated as an era that spans around 60 million years. Because of their survival against all odds in these millions of years, they have become incredible ability to adapt to any kind of environment which makes it that hard for them to be killed. Humans have been fighting a never-ending battle with these pesky insects since the earliest of their existence. Surely, technology has improved and we are now capable of killing away these pests with strong chemicals but those same chemicals are harming our health too. In cities like Bangalore, living space is limited and once that place is treated with chemicals, it can become hard not to get sick due to the side effects of these harmful chemicals.

So is there no way to get rid of these insects from our houses? Because we cannot allow them to harm us by causing different dreadful diseases. Of course, there are ways. The best way is to starve these creatures so that they keep out of your house altogether. Just like humans, they are also drawn to food, drinks, and shelter. But the fact that a cockroach can survive up to a month without food makes it quite hard to kill. But like everyone else the cockroach needs water and can only survive up to one week if there is no water.

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Let’s discuss a few ways to starve out these insects and keep them at bay.

  1. Cockroaches depend more on the water than on food so beware of any hidden spills in unreachable areas like under refrigerators or under cylinders.
  2. Keep watch on any leaks near the sink washer or water heaters so that no water can be available to these insects.
  3. Leaving unwashed dishes and utensils overnight is an open invitation to the roaches.
  4. Make it a routine to take out the kitchen trash every night. Saving up on trash polythene can cost you a lot more in regard to your health.
  5. Any dried food like cereal, flour, bread crumbs, etc. should be put in airtight containers.
  6. Rinsing the cans and bottles before throwing them away reduces the intrusion of roaches into the trash can
  7. If you have pets clean their utensils as frequently as you do your own
  8. Cleaning up all the food after your children is a good idea. Most children eat less and throw around more. So, sweeping and vacuuming the areas helps a lot.
  9. Stagnant water is also dangerous. Don’t leave water in pots or under sinks.
  10. Microwaves and toasters are hard to clean but are the most attractive spots for cockroaches. Regular clean-up is recommended.

Once you have taken care of all these, you can see an automatic decrease in the number of pests in your household. However, in case you face a roach infestation, TechSquadTeam is always at your service. We provide a reliable and top-class service of cockroach control service in Bangalore where we offer organic pest control treatments and thorough inspections. All you need to do is keep up your phone and call us on 07795001555 or visit our website at and book our services at exclusive prices as per your requirements. 

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