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Ant Control in Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar 40% OFF

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Book Ant Pest Control Services in Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar

TechSquadTeam offers fast and safe ant control services throughout Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar at a reasonable price. We provide reliable ant pest control service in Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar that ensures an effective and long-term solution. We are the experts in eliminating ants from the property to ensure a healthy and pest-free space. For bungalow and other specific area, TechSquadTeam will do the inspection before the price quote.

We have highly experienced pest exterminators who are the industry experts in delivering superior quality service to eliminate the ants from your place. Having the right knowledge and expertise, our pest exterminators are always ready to deliver the highest quality service as per the requirement and ensure outstanding results.

TechSquadTeam do not outsource for any services. Our very own skilled and well-trained exterminators perform the ant pest control to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Ant Pest Control Services in Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar Includes:

  • Detailed and Systematic Inspection of your entire property
  • Identification of infested areas
  • Recognition of the hidden spots
  • Informing the customer of the intensity of the infestation
  • Covering all the non-infected areas
  • Treatment in the infected areas
  • Use of gel-bait technique
  • Use of residual spray treatment

Why Book Our Ant Pest Control in Bangalore?

  • Customized treatment for infested areas
  • 100% safe and odorless solution
  • Harmless treatment with government permitted chemicals
  • Highly skilled, well-trained and certified exterminators
  • Long lasting ant control treatment
  • Hassle-free and convenient treatment with complete peace of mind 

What is recommended in Ant Pest Control in Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar?

  • Proper inspection is needed for appropriate treatment of the infestations.
  • We provide inspection only for the residential properties that are more than 2000 sq. ft. industry base offices and commercial shops. There is no inspection for smaller residential properties.  
  • The gel-bait treatment that is known for its long-lasting effects. It continues to protect your property until the gel-bait is consumed or destroyed.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the treated place as advised by our exterminators.
  • Our AMC services is once every week or in 15 days or once in a month. We set the day of service after considering the intensity of the infestation on your property.

What is not included in Our Ant Pest Control Service in Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar?

  • Second and Third Service is not included with the first booking. Apart from AMC services you need to book it separately.
  • Sealing of all the cracks and opening through which the ants enter your home should be fixed by the customer after the treatment is done, not by us.

Service Time – 30 minutes To 2 Hours (Depending on the size of your property)

No. of Staff Sent – 1 To 2 Exterminators (Depending on the requirement)

Equipment Used – Chemical Resistant Gloves, Gel, Sprayers, Masks

Service Warranty Period – No warranty as the infestation depends on maintaining a clean environment. AMC service is advisable. 

Things to Remember:

  • Customers need to keep the infested area completely dry.
  • Do wait for 2 weeks for the gel to be consumed by ants of all stages.
  • Young ones or those in egg stage will take time to feed on gel.
  • Do not use HIT after pest control.
  • Keep your home or commercial space clean and sanitized by hiring cleaning services in Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar.
  • Make sure to clean the waste bins regularly
  • Customer is not allowed to use the pesticides cans or sprays of our exterminators.
  • Customers should inform the pest exterminators about the specific infestations before the treatment or at the time of booking.
  • No extra tips for our exterminators apart from the finalized pricing.

If you want to book ant pest control service for your home or commercial establishment in Laxmisagar,Bhubaneswar, then contact us today at +91-700-803-1684!

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Techsquadteam did a great job.. Thank you for this quick response

vinitha (for Pest Control Services/Ant Control) on 12-May-2020

Good job guys keep it up..

Ravi (for Pest Control Services/Ant Control) on 12-May-2020

Best service provider..Thanks Techsquadteam

Anirudh (for Pest Control Services/Ant Control) on 12-May-2020

Nice work.on time with good experience

Yasmin (for Pest Control Services/Ant Control) on 16-Mar-2020

They have come on time and fixed it..hope I don't see the bees again. Thnkx

Kamakshi sundareswaram (for Pest Control Services/Ant Control) on 10-Mar-2020

Excellent service and courteous attitude. Fully satisfied

Sambit (for Pest Control Services/Ant Control) on 10-Mar-2020