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Inverter Installation and Repair in gandamunda, Bhubaneswar

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Battery Installation

Battery Installation

  • Proper Inspection of Inverter
  • Installation and setup of Inverter
  • Repairing inverter short circuiting
  • Fixing defective power switches
  • Replacement of spare parts
  • Inverter Maintenance and Cleaning
Single battery Inverter Installation
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INR 400

Double battery Inverter Installation
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INR 489

Others (Inspection Charges)
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INR 95

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Doorstep Inverter Installation and Repairing Services in Gandamunda, Bhubaneswar

Techsquadteam is well-known for providing the effective inverter installation, repair and maintenance services in Gandamunda,Bhubaneswar and the surrounding areas. Our proficient team workers will analyse all the issues related to your inverter and gives you an understanding about damage parts as well as fix it.

Our Service includes:

  1. Installation and Setup
  2. Repairing

Inverter Inspection

Issues we deal with:

  1. Inverter Short-Circuit
  2. Faulty Batteries
  3. Wiring Problems
  4. Defective Power Switch
  5. Burned Rectifier
  6. Corroded Battery Terminals
  7. Water Filling
  8. Fan Noise
  9. Clogged Cooling Fan

Replacement of Spare Parts if required:

  1. Mechanical Components
  2. Capacitive Components
  3. Electrical Components

Inverter Maintenance:

System Health Checks


  1. Filters
  2. Electrical panel
  3. Battery Surface and Terminals
  4. Vents

Topping up of distilled water

Proper Loading of devices

Removal of unwanted substances

Test operation of protective devices and safety circuits

Benefits of Our Services:

  1. Customized Services
  2. Flexible Execution
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Timely Completion

Our Pricing:

  • 0 - 0.5 Hour: Rs 229
  • Upto 1 Hour:  Rs 279
  • Upto 1.5 Hour:  Rs 379
  • Upto 2 Hours: Rs 489
  • Upto 2.5 Hours: Rs 589
  • Upto 3 Hours: Rs 689
  • Above 3 Hours: Rs. 649 + Rs. 49 per half an hour.
  • Night Service Charges (8 PM - 11 PM) : Rs 149 over and above the standard rates
  • Rs 99 Inspection/Quotation Fee is applicable if service is not availed
  • Coupon codes, if any, can be applied in the payment section after invoice is generated by the professional
  • Time spent on procurement of material will be included in work hours

**Our doorstep minimum service charge is Rs 200 for any type of Electrical Service**

If you are experiencing problems with your inverter, feel free to call our expert professionals at 0700-803-1684 to get the instant relevant service.