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Windows and Door Cleaning in Tamando, Bhubaneswar 20% OFF

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Book Windows and Doors Cleaning Services in Tamando, Bhubaneswar

TechSquadTeam provides highly reliable Windows and Doors Cleaning Services in Tamando,Bhubaneswar for both residential and commercial customers. We have well-trained and skilled cleaners who are extremely reliable and knowledgeable to efficiently execute the cleaning tasks in a fast, safe and effective way. Our aim is to provide highest standard window and door cleaning in Tamando,Bhubaneswar at the most affordable price. We specialize in the residential and commercial window & door cleaning as well as offer expert window aftercare.

TechSquadTeam’s expert cleaners understand the importance of having clean and spotless windows and doors for any home or commercial property in Tamando,Bhubaneswar. Keeping this in mind, we provide the highest quality service to ensure a safe and perfectly done door and window cleaning in Tamando,Bhubaneswar. Our objective is to meet your requirements and budget by delivering an exceptional window and door cleaning service in Tamando,Bhubaneswar.

TechSquadTeam do not outsource for any services. Our own skilled and well-trained cleaners do the windows and doors cleaning to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Windows and Doors Cleaning Services in Tamando,Bhubaneswar Includes:

  • Dry dusting of the entire structure
  • Cleaning the window panes
  • Removal of dust, dirt, cobwebs, and filaments
  • Cleaning of the shutters
  • Wiping the window sills and blinds
  • Cleaning the channels or tracks for sliding windows
  • Cleaning the PVC frames & ledges

Why Book Our Windows and Doors Cleaning in Tamando,Bhubaneswar?

  • Superior window and door cleaning techniques
  • Environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Ensure fast, safe and reliable
  • Efficiently handle any type of window and door cleaning
  • Affordable rates
  • Experienced and well-trained cleaners
  • Advanced equipment and tools

What is not included in Our Windows and Doors Cleaning Service in Tamando,Bhubaneswar?

  • Our team should not be asked to displace appliances and heavy fixtures

Service Time – 2 To 3 Hours (Depending on the number of windows and doors)

No. of Staff Sent – 2 To 4 Cleaners (Depending on the number and requirement)

Equipment Used – Scrubbing Brush, Soft-bristle Brush, Dust Cloth, Sponges, Squeegee, Cloth Towels, Cleaning Solution, Protective Rubber Gloves, Bucket, Spray Bottles

Things to Remember:

  • Stool/ladder, electrical connection, and water should be provided by the customer.
  • No extra tips for our cleaners apart from the finalized pricing.

If you want to book professional windows and door cleaning service in Tamando,Bhubaneswar, then please give us a call today at +91-700-803-1684.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Is mould and mildew treated while you are cleaning my windows or doors?
    Yes, we provide you a complete solution to all your window and door cleaning problems. In humid climates or places where the moisture in atmosphere is more the doors and windows start having moulds and mildew formation. These things can also form if cleaning has been ignored for many days. Our skilled and experienced cleaners scrub out all the dust, dirt, mould and mildew from the windows using safe but strong cleaning solution along with advance technologies.
  • What kind of methods do you use to clean my windows and doors?
    Our windows and doors cleaning method is the simplest. We believe in cleaning smartly and thoroughly. With our advanced equipment and biodegradable & safe cleaning solvents we ensure that your windows and doors are systematically and comprehensively cleansed and sanitised.
  • What does the crew need from us to help you in cleaning?
    TechSquadTeam crew is highly professional and skilled. Also, we come to your home or office fully equipped. We promise to provide you a hassle free service and that is exactly what we deliver. If required we might ask for some help in reaching to higher places like providing us with stools or ladder or some electrical connection or water. But that’s all we need from your side.
  • Why windows and doors cleaning service is important?
    Your windows and doors are touched by you several times in a day. It does not matter where they are, at home or office you always go out or come in through the doors and open or close your windows many times during a day. Now, think about it, how many times do you clean them? If the answer is not every day or once in a week, then you probably should think about how many germs, bacteria and viruses it might be contaminated from and you touch it daily. This reason alone is important enough to get some professionals to clean it for you using some strong and bio degradable cleaning solution.
  • How often should I get my windows cleaned?
    This depends on the many factors. If your home or office is situated in a place with lot of traffic and pollution, the dust and germs should be accumulating on them more often. In that case, get it cleaned every 3 to 4 weeks which not only decreases germ content but also dust and dirt build-up.
  • Do you offer housecleaning services?
    TechSquadTeam is a complete hub for all your cleaning problems. Yes we do provide housecleaning services. Along with that we offer general and deep home cleaning, exclusive cleaning for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and furniture like sofa, chair, upholstery, carpet, etc. We provide cleaning services to hotels and corporate offices too.
  • What is a good time to schedule my appointment?
    TechSquadTeam is a 24x7 open company and we are happy to help you anytime. We provide you service according to your requirement throughout the year at your scheduled time. May it be weekdays, weekends or public holidays; we are here for you whenever you need us.
  • Can I trust the people that you are sending to my home?
    TechSquadTeam is one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies. Our skilled and experienced cleaners are in-house trained and not provided by some third party vendor. So, you can absolutely trust our people that we send to your home for cleaning.
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Customer Reviews 4.9

Good job done followed all the guidelines , very polite and reasonable ,overall happy with there work!!

Dimpy (for Cleaning Services/Windows and Door Cleaning) on 26-Oct-2020

Very efficient, the Service is really attractive, response time is very fast...

Christy (for Cleaning Services/Windows and Door Cleaning) on 26-Oct-2020

Great job, I have nothing to complain about!

Prena (for Cleaning Services/Windows and Door Cleaning) on 26-Oct-2020

Excellent Window and door cleaning Service. I would command Techsquadteam Service to my friends. Cheers!!

priyanka (for Cleaning Services/Windows and Door Cleaning) on 26-Oct-2020

Excellent prices, fast service.Active Team, well done!! Recommended.. Thanks Techsquadteam....

Deepthi satish (for Cleaning Services/Windows and Door Cleaning) on 26-Oct-2020

It's always a pleasure to get service with Techsquadteam.. Thank You!! keep it up..

Jay (for Cleaning Services/Windows and Door Cleaning) on 26-Oct-2020