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Cockroach Control in Bangalore

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Cockroach Pest Control Services in Bangalore

TechSquadTeam offers safe and highly effective cockroach pest control services in Bangalore for both residential and commercial purposes at the most affordable prices. We are the experts in eliminating cockroaches forever from the property to ensure a healthy and pest-free space.


Our aim is to remove the cockroach infestation from your space in a reliable and convenient way. We use highly potent and effective insecticides that are non-toxic and safe for children, pet, and environment.


Top Features of Our Cockroach Control in Bangalore:


1. Gel Bait cockroach control treatment that is known for its long-lasting effects

2. Residual cockroach control treatment to reduce the infestation quickly

3. Residential and commercial cockroach control services


Why Book Our Cockroach Pest Control Service?


1. 100% safe and odorless cockroach control treatment

2. Eco-friendly and government certified insecticides

3. Highly skilled, well-trained and exterminators

4. Get peace of mind and enjoy Convenience (do not need to empty space like the kitchen and any other areas during the treatment)

5. Long lasting cockroach control treatment for up to 3-4 months (until the get-bail is consumed or destroyed)


Things to Remember for the Customers:


1. Keep the treated areas like the kitchen and other areas clean such as free of grease and oil deposits, as these are the foods for cockroaches. The absence of food will force the cockroaches to try food baits.

2. Wait at least for 2 weeks, so that the gel gets totally consumed by the cockroaches of all stages.

3. Please stay away from using the commercial products available in market after the pest control is done by us.


If you want to book cockroach control service in Bangalore, then we are here to help you. Our experienced pest exterminators will leave no stone unturned to deliver the highest standard of service. With us, you will get 100% satisfaction. 


**Pest Control treatment is done by our own pest exterminators. We do not contract out through any agents. 


For booking cockroach control in bangalore, feel free to contact us today at +91-80-4653-5800!


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Customer Reviews 4.7

Nice service.Thanks

Saurabh (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 20-Sep-2019

Great app for all service. Thanks Techsquadteam

murli (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 20-Sep-2019

excellent worker they are ponchual and hard working. Great work

Pallavi (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 20-Sep-2019

fabulous service. value of money

Roger Doss (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 20-Sep-2019

I was tired of my cockroach infestation. You came right on time. the booking process was so smooth and hassle-free. Plus the treatment seems to be wor.....
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Niti gupta (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 20-Sep-2019

Best App for Pest, Control Service

Saranya (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 20-Sep-2019