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Bed Bug Pest Control Services in ramachandrapuram, Bangalore (40% OFF)

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  • Completely eliminate bed bugs
  • Inspection of bed heads, mattress, carpets, cracks of walls
  • Remove bed bugs infestation from all parts of the house
  • Use of eco-friendly and government approved pesticides
  • Effective & long-lasting treatment
  • Provides 2 time service
1 Room - 2 Services 45 Days
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INR 2000 INR 1200

1 BHK (up to 750 sq. ft) - 2 Services 45 Days
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INR 2250 INR 1350

2 BHK (up to 1200 sq. ft) - 2 Services 45 Days
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INR 2918 INR 1751

3 BHK (up to 1600 sq. ft) - 2 Services 45 Days
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INR 3750 INR 2250

4 BHK (up to 2000 sq. ft) - 2 Services 45 Days
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INR 4417 INR 2650

Others (Inspection Charges)
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Book Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore

TechSquadTeam offers the most effective and complete care against bed bug infestation. To successfully treat and ensure complete removal of this annoying and dangerous pest from every nook and corner of your property, we deliver the highest standard of service. Our bed bug pest control in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore is pocket-friendly as well as trustworthy.

Our expert exterminators can easily identify the bed bug infestation at your home or commercial property and take the right step to eliminate the pesky creatures in an appropriate way. We believe in providing highly effective non-toxic bed bug control services to effectively deal and ensure the best results. Our inspection charge is quite low and can be adjusted against the final bill.

TechSquadTeam provides bed bug pest control services in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore at reasonable prices to ensure the highest standard of service. If taken, 2nd service (Paid) within the 15 days of the first service to ensure long lasting and successful treatment for 60 days of warranty.

" TechSquadTeam do not outsource for any services. Our very own skilled and well-trained exterminators perform the bed bug pest control to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. "

Our Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore Includes & Excludes :

  • Thorough inspection of the infested site
  • Focus on bed heads, mattresses, carpets, bed frames, and furniture
  • Identification of the hidden spots
  • Covering all the non-infected areas
  • Three forms of treatment provided: Spraying, Fumigation and Tablets
  • Treatment in the infected areas
  • Informing the customer of the intensity of the infestation
  • Elimination of bed bugs, nymphs and eggs
  • Use of eco-friendly and government-approved sprays with mild odor
  • Second Service is not included with the first booking. Apart from AMC services you need to book the separately.
  • Does not include any kind of machine treatment. Our well-trained exterminators treat the infestation with specialized equipment and tools.

what is Recommended in Bed Bug Pest Control in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore?

Our professionals provide safe and efficient methods to eliminate the bed bugs completely. Check out the steps recommended by our experts for an effective extermination:

  • For appropriate treatment and results at least 2 treatments might be needed .
  • Single service cannot have any warranty as bed bug eggs hatch after 15 - 20 days. You need to go for a 2nd service if you want to completely get rid of these pests.
  • Proper inspection is needed for appropriate treatment of the infestations.
  • Keep the infected area closed for some hours after treatment.
  • It might take few hours for the treatment to work properly.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the treated place as advised by our exterminators.
  • Our AMC services consist of minimum of 6 treatments in the entire year to prevent new bed bugs from returning back in to your property.

why book Our Bed Bug Pest Control in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore?

  • Customized treatment for infested areas
  • Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly bed bug control
  • Government permitted and approved safe insecticides
  • Long lasting results
  • Low-cost inspection
  • Assurance of perfection
  • Guaranteed quality service at the best price

TechSquadTeam Service

Service Time 30 minutes To 2 Hours
(Depending on the size of your property)
Equipment Used
Chemical Resistant Gloves, Sprayers, Mask, Eco-friendly Pesticides
No. of Staff Sent 1 To 2 Exterminators
(Depending on the requirement)
Service Warranty Period
No warranty for 1st service. On 2nd Service within 15 days there is 2 months warranty.

Things to Remember:

  • Customers need to keep the infested area completely dry.
  • Customer is not allowed to use the pesticides cans or sprays of our exterminators.
  • Customers should inform the pest exterminators about the specific infestations before the treatment or at the time of booking.
  • No extra tips for our exterminators apart from the finalized pricing.
If you have any complains, please send us a video where you see the bed bug, so that we will inspect, and give FREE service. To book our professional bed bug pest control in Ramachandrapuram,Bangalore, give us a call today at +91-77-9500-1555 for special discounts and offers!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How does a bed bug infestation spreads?
    Bed bug infestation is never spread due to unhygienic conditions. Bed bugs are travellers and hitchhike to your house through various sources like luggage, clothes, pets, etc. You get bed bug infestation from another infested location like a visited hotel or friend’s place.
  • What do you mean by bed bug pest control?
    When handling bed bugs becomes out of control or you want to take preventive measures before the invasion of bed bugs into your house, you either try to do it on your know by applying pesticides and through home remedies or you call in the professionals to do it for you. Both the ways are considered as bed bug pest control.
  • Is cleanliness and bed bugs inter-related?
    No, cleanliness has nothing to do with the invasion of bed bugs into your house or office. Of course if you are keeping your home and office clean and tidy it helps in spotting the bed bugs in case they opt to get in. But unhygienic conditions do not invite bed bugs. In fact, just like humans, bed bugs like to breed and stay in hygienic places.
  • Who is an exterminator?
    An Exterminator is a technical term given to a trained and skilled person who specializes in eliminating pests that can cause health hazards and mental stress, through various methods from your office or home by using either environmental-friendly or chemical pesticides, baits or traps. First, they inspect your property then inform you of the damage that the pests can or have already caused to you.
  • What is the need for exterminators in a bed bug infestation?
    Bed bug infestation are very hard to find because these creatures only come out at night and are too little to detect. Even if you detect their presence, it’s too difficult to get rid of them as they cling to their hiding places. Bed bug pest control in itself is a tedious job and the proper handling of pesticides is also needed. So a professional exterminator is required to inspect your bed bugs infestation and get them out of your home completely.
  • What do pest control services use to eradicate bed bugs?
    Most bed bug pest control services have their own methods. Some use harmful chemicals treatments, some use eco-friendly ways. Some use fumigation, while others use steam and thermal treatment methods to handle bed bug problem at your place.
  • How much do you have to pay for bed bug extermination?
    When you go through different pest control companies that are providing bed bug control services, you can see the difference between the facilities included as well as the difference in prices. For TechSquadTeam, you have a minimal value for all the services as per the current market price and an increase in the value as per square foot covered. You get the best prices with us with our discounts and flexible pricings.
  • Why choose TechSquadTeam for your bed bug problem?
    May it be your bed bug problem or as a matter of fact any kind of pest control services, TechSquadTeam is the best in market as a pest control service provider. We hire our very own exterminators and do not like to deal with third party. Also, the exterminators are hired on the basis of their experience and skills. After hiring we train them according to the specification of our customers and educate them in dealing courteously and professionally on the job. Apart from that, we take pride in providing on time service delivery and the best quality work in the industry.
  • How much time does bed bug treatment takes?
    As per the pest infestation level and customer’s requirement, we make sure to complete the job with great perfection and in a hassle-free way that saves time and money.
  • What is the aftermath of the bed bug treatment?
    Bed bug treatment is usually done through fumigation or residual sprays. So we recommend vacating the treated property for at least 4 to 6 hours.
  • What is the number of bed bug control crew visiting you place for treatment?
    Our entire team is efficient. However, based on the project requirement and the level pest infestation, we provide the best and highly skilled pest exterminators.
  • Are there any inspection charges?
    Yes, there is an inspection charge of Rs150 whenever our skilled exterminators come over to your property for the proper estimation of the infestation. We can also let you know the final pricing of all the services that you need for getting your home or office in shape after proper inspection.
  • Can I get rid of bed bugs completely?
    Yes, of course you can. Within 2 or 3 treatments, our bed bug service can entirely take care of your bed bug problem. Bed bug problem is a long term challenge and a single treatment does not ensure its total eradication. The eggs and nymphs remain even though the adults can be taking care of them in the first go. After the eggs have hatched, our exterminators sweep away the young ones and the remaining adults. Taking a third treatment is like a scrutiny in case anything is left behind.
  • What to do after the treatment is over?
    After the bed bug control treatment, you need to vacate the property immediately for at least 4 to 6 hours.

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